Monthly Archives: February 2012

Can a Person on Government Assistance Ever Dig Their Way Out?

I have a friend who has been living on government assistance in Section 8 HUD housing for over a decade.  She recently began looking into the possibility of buying her own home.  Her youngest child will turn 18 soon and it is nearing the time when she will no longer be eligible for the program so she recently made a decision be proactive about the upcoming move.  My friend, Joanie, has a debilitating condition called Fibromyalgia.  She has good days… Read the rest

My Frugal Valentine’s Day Gift From My Husband

This year Mr. A gave me a fantastic frugal gift for Valentine’s Day.  He set it up that he would be driving me in to work on Valentine’s Day, which I love because then I can relax on my hour long drive to work and crochet instead of fighting traffic.  So that in itself was a gift.  🙂 He has been watching out for culled lumber from Home Depot and has collected OOPS paint over the last few months.   Then… Read the rest

Business Expenses You Can Deduct as a Self-Proprietor

One of the best things about being a self-proprietor is you can deduct expenses incurred in running your business.  If you’re a blogger and are making some money it is in your best interest to keep track of your income and expenses. One of my favorite books on this topic is written by June Walker, an accountant that specializes in tax solutions for entrepreneurs – “indies” she calls us.  The book is called , and I highly recommend it. If… Read the rest

How To Be Healthy

You could talk to ten people or ten doctors and every one is going to have different ideas on how to be healthy and in this post today will find some of my thoughts on what you can do to stay healthy.  Staying healthy is a wise financial investment, and I hope something I share with you today will be of help to someone. Diet One of the first steps to health – eating real food.  I know it can… Read the rest