Are You Living an Optimized Life or Just Skating By?

For most of my life I’ve just muddled along, not really giving much care to my health, because I’ve always considered myself to be healthy.  By that I mean I’m not sick often, and rarely have to take sick time off from work.  I don’t have a huge laundry list of complaints… sure I had gained weight in my thirties and forties, and I wasn’t too happy about it, but I knew diets didn’t work and I didn’t think there was anything I could do since my body wanted to be heavier.  I certainly didn’t want to yo-yo diet myself up to 300 pounds.  I also felt that I never had much energy, but I figured that was just normal for me.

But then my husband got the diagnosis for his condition and I became determined to help him heal with the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet.  GAPS was amazing and I saw a lot of healing and was even able to get off my asthma medication.  My feet stopped hurting, my back stopped aching, I lost weight, I became more energetic, and felt better overall but then I had a health crisis in August. I haven’t written about it here, because I felt so ridiculous for what had happened.  Let’s see if I can tell you in a nutshell… I fell in love with jalapeno powder which I made from one of the times when I got vegetables from Market on the Move.  When I ran out of the little bit I’d made, I learned that jalapeno powder costs $20 for a pound from Amazon, so I decided to make more of my own.  Of course.  You know how us cheapskates are.  Always willing to save a buck.  Well, I ended up putting myself into a major health crisis.  I used rubber gloves in the initial stages of roasting, peeling and deseeding the peppers, but it did not occur to me to do so when removing the peppers from the dehydrator and crumbling into my Magic Bullet and blending.  Apparently the capsicum particles embedded themselves in my fingertips, which amazingly did not burn… but were then transferred to my keyboard and mouse, which eventually embedded into my face.  For three weeks my face burned and peeled, and the swelling.  My eyelids were swollen to the point that I looked like I was wearing a Halloween mask.  Finally I broke down, went to Urgent Care and was placed on low dose steroids for five days.  After that incident my energy levels sunk to a new low, I have had to cut back on everything.  This was in August and I am still feeling fatigued.

I decided it was finally time to address my adrenal fatigue and thyroid issues, which I’ve written about before here on my blog.  In July 2008 I wrote about Adrenal Fatigue, in June 2009 I mentioned feeling extremely fatigued and in July 2009 shared what happened when I did try to have my thyroid checked with my primary care physician back in 2006.  I thought it was going to be so simple.  I’d read about how important it is to take Armour, a natural thyroid medicine, and I thought once I found a doctor who would do the correct tests, he or she would prescribe Armour and I’d feel better.  But as life often is, it was not to be that simple for me.  I did find a naturopath that I’m working with, but we are still trying to figure out how best to address my specific issues.  And she’s also gone on vacation for a solid month!

My employer decided to go with a less expensive health insurance plan, which has worked out fairly well for me.  I am not tethered to a primary care physician and can even go out of network.  I do have to pay for my naturopath out of pocket, but all lab work is paid for through my insurance.  I can also get prescription medication with a co-pay as long as she writes the prescription.  So while it is costing me to see my doctor of choice, I am grateful that I have found someone who is willing to listen to me, instead of flippantly telling me I’ve been spending too much time on the Internet (as has happened to me in the past, and I never said one word about being on the Internet).  Physicians today need to face the fact that some patients want to be in partnership with their healthcare.  Although many expect their doctors to have all the answers, I am one of those people who want to learn what I can and take part in the decisions being made.  After all, I live in my body 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Doctors have the expertise, but they aren’t God, and they don’t know everything.

Two things I will share with you that I will recommend if you want to learn more.  As I tend toward helping the body to heal itself rather than take medication, I am trying this Leptin Reset Protocol advocated by Dr. Jack Kruse.  Who knows if it will work or not, but three markers a leptin resistant person will have is they will be overweight, they will be low in Vitamin D and they will have a high Reverse T3.  The diet recommended is Paleolithic or Primal, which is very close to GAPS.  So I’m going to try it for the recommended 6-8 weeks.  I am extremely impressed with the lack of hunger after the breakfast recommendation.  Guys, you’ll definitely love it.  I’m also studying this site extensively: Stop the Thyroid Madness.

I’m tired of just skating by with barely enough energy to get through my days.  I want to live life more fully.  I want more energy, and my plan is to be living optimally as best as I can within my body by my 50th birthday party.

What about you?  Are you blessed with supreme health?   Are you happy with your energy levels?


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