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Save On Auto Insurance

Review: Go Auto Insurance Rates

How much do you pay for auto insurance?   How often do you renew? At the Accountability household, we pay $630.00 every six months – this is for FOUR cars, three drivers and one of those drivers is a young male aged 21.  Pretty good rates, huh?  I try to remember to shop around every six months to see if I’m getting the best price for my auto insurance. It really can pay off in savings by checking around. Last year… Read the rest

Reader Question: Regarding the New Laws with Opting Out of Overdraft Protection

Last week Joseph visited Out of Debt Again and had a question.  I would like to pose this question to the personal finance community to try and answer this for him. Please help with answers in the comments if you can: I have a question regarding the new laws regarding overdraft and debit cards and hope you could either answer my question, or point me in the right direction. Here is the scenario. I recently lost my home, and for… Read the rest

My Frugal Birthday Gift to Myself This Year: The Gift of Time

Hello to all my faithful readers, today I am just popping in for a quick minute to tell you my birthday is this week and I decided I’m going to give myself the gift of time. I’m going to take a little tiny vacation from blogging. If you haven’t already, please consider subscribing by RSS or by email so you’ll get my posts as soon as I’m back. Love to you all, Mrs. AccountabilityOUT OF DEBT AGAIN is a participant… Read the rest

Benefits of Regaining Health – I Don’t Have To Take Any Prescription Medication!

I was diagnosed with asthma after a serious bout with pneumonia in 2002.  I was working for the same company I work for now, in the same position. My job is basically to sit at my desk and work at my computer, and I was so sick with pneumonia that I didn’t have the strength to sit at my computer, even at home!  I was practically bedridden for an entire month.  I can still remember having to drive one of… Read the rest