Phone Banking with First Credit Union – How to Transfer Funds to Make a Loan Payment

My boss banks with First Credit Union and recently they underwent some big changes in both their online access and telephone access.  So much so that the telephone operators who answer the phone when you call the bank don’t even have the first clue on how to get through the phone tree.  My boss [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Reader Question: Regarding the New Laws with Opting Out of Overdraft Protection

Last week Joseph visited Out of Debt Again and had a question.  I would like to pose this question to the personal finance community to try and answer this for him. Please help with answers in the comments if you can:

I have a question regarding the new laws regarding overdraft and debit cards [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Meet Tightwad from Tightwad Blog

Tightwad Blog

Today Tightwad from Tightwad Blog and I are exchanging question and answer posts.

After you read her answers here, go over to her site and read my answers. And while you’re at her site, take a look around and subscribe to her blog!

Tightwad, do you do your incomes taxes [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

We’re Making Double Payments – Why Is the Interest Still So High?

One of my readers, OregonSun sent me an email about a recent loan asking, “We have a loan that is on simple interest.  Even though we are making double the payments, the balance (interest we are paying) doesn’t seem to be reducing the way I thought it would.  Am I doing something wrong?”


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