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Save On Auto Insurance How much do you pay for auto insurance?   How often do you renew?

At the Accountability household, we pay $630.00 every six months – this is for FOUR cars, three drivers and one of those drivers is a young male aged 21.  Pretty good rates, huh?  I try to remember to shop around every six months to see if I’m getting the best price for my auto insurance. It really can pay off in savings by checking around. Last year in September (2010) I was amazed to find that we could save $318 on our six month policy just by shopping around!  After that I was sold on checking rates regularly.   Go Auto Insurance is a just one great way to get a quote easily just by answering a few questions. Be sure to have a copy of your current policy with you as you make comparisons. You will need to know your current coverages and limits of liability in order to get an accurate comparison.

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I know you’re curious to see how are rates are so low, so I took a screenshot of our latest insurance policy. As you can see, all our vehicles are fifteen years and older. This is definitely a perk when it comes to insurance savings.  All of our vehicles have over 100,000 miles, and my Pathfinder just turned over to 325,000 miles!

Now the only thing you cannot see by this screenshot is how many drivers are on the policy.  For the record, it is myself, Mr. Accountability and AJ our 21 year old son.  AJ owns the 1994 Sedan and his insurance costs are the highest, but only by a few dollars.  The van and pickup are Mr. A’s business vehicles.  I drive the 15 year old Nissan Pathfinder mainly to drive back and forth to work.

Auto Insurance If you are familiar with auto insurance, you may notice that we do not carry collision insurance on our vehicles.  It would not be worth the cost, as if one of our vehicles were in an accident, they would surely be totaled and the value would be quite low.  Our current agent suggested we carry liability insurance with bodily injury of $50,000 on each person, and $100,000 on each accident, with $25,000 on property damage.

The lowest amount in the state of Arizona to for uninsured and underinsured motorists bodily injury is $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident, but as you can see we were able to get significantly better coverage for just $27 each month.

I think $630 for four vehicles and three drivers, one a young male 21 years of age is pretty amazing. I think that’s about the best rate we’re going to be able to get, and I shudder to think what we’d be paying with newer vehicles! AJ is lucky to still be living at home and driving an older vehicle. I’ve already compared rates for him with our agent so he has the information to use when making his plans to fly the coop and he would have to pay $465 for the six months, instead of the $183 he is paying now.

How often do you renew your auto insurance? Do you compare rates to make sure you are getting the best rates?

Save On Auto Insurance

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  • My policy is a full year policy, however it renews every 6 months. About three years ago, I shopped insurance and found Wawanesa. Although it is a Canadian company, they insure in California and Oregon. They have the lowest rates by far.


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    @krantcents, I have never heard of Wawanesa. Glad you found some great rates!


  • This article was of particular interest to me. I work as a coverage adjuster for a large insurance company. You are definitely paying a good price considering the amount of coverage you have + number of drivers. And I’m glad you understand your policy. Unfortunately, in my position, I work with customers all day long who have no idea what they’re paying for.

    In terms of liability coverage, I choose to carry higher PD limits (100k). The reason being, my husband and I do a lot of highway driving. If one of us ever causes a multi-car accident (let’s hope not), we want to have sufficient coverage to protect ourselves. We also have slightly older cars, early 2000s, with higher mileage. However, we choose to carry comprehensive and collision coverage with low deductibles. Maybe working in the insurance industry has scared me, but I never want to be that customer on the other line who has their car stolen or vandalized and nothing to show for it.

    I’ve compared rates with many companies and finally found a place right for us. It’s not just about price though -I chose a company with a good reputation for claims satisfaction and a company that allows me to control my policy online. I’m not a fan of agents.

    I promise I’m not trying to sell anything, just a little input from an insurance geek 🙂


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    @adoseoftlc, we also do a ton of highway driving and the way people drive nowadays it’s a wonder the highways are constantly clogged with major pileups. Thanks for the advice, I am going to check with our agent and see how much more we’d pay to go up to 100K on the property damage. I was told that if our cars were in an accident they would be totaled since they are so old (ranging from 15 years to 17 years in age) that we would only get a few hundred dollars so not worth paying out hundreds a year just in the event of an accident. Thanks again for your input, I appreciate it.


  • Just to follow-up my last comment: Your discussion inspired me to write my own post tonight about auto insurance 🙂 If you’d like to check it out:


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    @adoseoftlc, great tips! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic!


  • Interesting post. You’re paying less for four cars than I’m paying on a single heap! On the other hand, I carry a million-dollar umbrella, which will protect my assets if and when I run over a grandmother pushing a stroller through a crosswalk. It also provides libel coverage, convenient for a blogger.

    The reason I decided to get the extra coverage is that my son also works as an auto claims adjuster. The stories these folks can tell will scare the bedoodles out of you. Basically he said that the amount of your insurance can be exhausted by a lawsuit and then you have to drain your savings to make up the difference. Let’s say you’re in the wrong and cause a spectacular pile-up. You’re sued for, say, $1 million. Your insurance covers $500,000. You lose the suit; your insurance pays $500,000 of the $1 million judgment, and you get to come up with the remaining $500,000. Your salary, pension, and Social Security can be garnished, and any money you have in savings will have to be forked over to the plaintiff.

    The other thing he explained is that different insurance companies treat their customers differently. Some have very poor claims service and do everything they can to avoid paying out. Unless you’re knowledgeable about how insurance companies work — and it’s extremely complex; some insurers offer their employees classes that add up to the equivalent of an MBA in the insurance business — you are gonna end up with the sort end of the stick. As adoseoftlc points out, it’s worth paying a little more to deal with a reputable, reliable company.


  • the hartford

    I’m pretty happy with the Hartford car insurance I have. They’ve been able to keep my rates low for years. I do compare rates from time to time but find I still have the best!


  • As you mentioned in your post, shopping around is absolutely the easiest and most effective thing you can do…hands down. Have an accident? Shop around. Get a ticket? Shop around. Teenager? Shop around.
    Jim Raines recently posted..International Drivers and Driving AbroadMy Profile


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