How I Spent My $25 Big Lots Gift Card

I thought I’d share with you how I spent my gift card from Big Lots. Mr. A was with me, and wanted the miniature shovel for $8.00.

I bought two pillows, one for me and one for Big A. I usually buy $5 pillows from Walmart, but I thought these Ralph Lauren pillows would [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

January 2010 Monthly Report

Okay, we were under budget on a lot of items.  I always like seeing that gasoline amount come in under budget, and no major car repairs.

We went over budget on Beauty/Sundries by $9.96. The main item to push me over in this category is the purchase of the Shikai [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

My Guest Post over at The Digerati Life

Today SVB at The Digerati Life has been kind enough to feature me as a guest blogger with my post Guide To Sewing Buttons: How To Sew On A Button Correctly.   My tutorial has instructions, plus photos. Go on over and check it out, take a look around SVB’s blog and subscribe to her [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Meet Brad Chaffee from Enemy of Debt

Today Brad Chaffee from Enemy of Debt and I are exchanging question and answer posts. Brad eliminated $26K worth of debt in 18 months and is determined to never be in debt ever again!  Wow, that is fantastic!

After you read Brad’s answers here, go over to his site and read my answers. [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

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