How Can I Use My Leftover Yarn? Donate Preemie Hats

One great way to use up leftover yarn is to make preemie hats and donate them to hospitals.

Wool Works: Knitting for Charity has a comprehensive list for organizations throughout the United States that accept donations for children in need. You might also consider asking your local hospital(s) if they have need for preemie [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Friday Finds

This week I participated in the Carnival of Money Stories #42 hosted by Personal Finance by the Book which included my post: Happy Valentine’s Day. Thanks for for including me, Joe!

Some posts that I liked at the CoMS2:

Super Saver presents Why We Chose a 30 Year Mortgage posted at My Wealth Builder.  I like [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Pixie Colour Picker – My Favorite Free Computer Tools

One of the things I love about the Internet is all the free programs you can find. Today I want to tell you about one of my favorites, Nattyware’s Pixie Colour Picker.

Pixie Colour Picker was created for webmasters and designers, and with the explosion of blogs across the Internet more people are learning [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

We’re Making Double Payments – Why Is the Interest Still So High?

One of my readers, OregonSun sent me an email about a recent loan asking, “We have a loan that is on simple interest.  Even though we are making double the payments, the balance (interest we are paying) doesn’t seem to be reducing the way I thought it would.  Am I doing something wrong?”


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