The Deal We Got On Our Air Conditioner

It was still expensive, but it would have been a lot more had it not been for Mr. Fierce generously allowing Mr. A to purchase a unit at cost.  So far the unit was $1500 and the duct work modifications have come to just over $400.  And Mr. A was able to do the [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Air Conditioning Woes II – The Home Version

Yesterday Mr. A called me and asked if I had a minute… he needed to talk to me.  Whenever he prefaces a conversation like that, I have to take a deep breath and tell myself everything’s going to be okay.  He was calling me around 12:30pm and apparently he’d already done everything he could [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Found Money

A couple of days ago I was doing Mr. A’s banking and I’d forgotten to take photocopies of the checks I was depositing. I have asked the bank before, but I really don’t like imposing on them for something I should have already done. His accounts are at a credit union and I was [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

June 2009 Monthly Report

I’m going to get back to making monthly reports.  I have got to get back to tracking our finances more carefully.

Mr. A was saying he would be willing to start writing checks if that would help, because swiping the plastic just seems to lessen the effect of money being spent.


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