NuRide – Earn Points for Carpooling, Biking & Telecommuting

I was over at My Frugal Life and Dawn mentioned a post by Amanda over at My Dollar Plan – Ten Surprising Ways You Can Earn Cash.  I clicked through on number ten, but found that I can’t participate since the NuRide, Inc. program isn’t in my area yet.  But if you happen to [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Join AAA at 33% Savings

Have you been thinking about joining AAA?

I knew there were discounts for having a Triple A membership, but the last time I looked they were for things like car rentals, hotel stays, or trips to Disneyland. Then I read on a personal finance blog not too long ago (sorry I can’t remember [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

OODA – 2 Year Blogoversary Contest

I started Out of Debt Again on September 27th, 2007, so my two year anniversary is coming up soon!

In celebration, I’m going to run a contest until midnight PST Sunday, September 27th, 2008.


1st Place: $25 Gift Certificate to Amazon 2nd Place: $10 cash via PayPal 3rd Place: The 4-Hour Workweek [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

T-Mobile Impresses Yet Again

Back in June I had to replace my cell phone.  The guy at Costco was really helpful and even filled out my rebate form, taped the UPC to it and had it all ready so I just had to send it on its way. I’d misplaced it for a couple of weeks, but then [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

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