Monthly Archives: July 2009

Health Savings Accounts

I don’t know anything about them at all.  Mr. A’s COBRA insurance expires either this month or next and I was thinking maybe we should take that $145/month and put it into an HSA. Does anyone have some pointers on HSAs? Mr. A rarely gets sick so he’s been annoyed with me for continuing his insurance through his last employer. I just worry about catastrophic events like poor David over at Goliath Debt, David Income. Congratulations David, on your new… Read the rest

My Poor Garden – It’s Too Hot!

All my squash plants died last week. The watermelon plants are still struggling. Actually that’s not completely true.  One is thriving very nicely, I don’t know what its problem is. It is sending out runners all over the place. No flowers or baby watermelons, just prolific green vines. However, my tomato plants are struggling. I had hoped to muster up some energy over the weekend to give them a trim and cover them with shadecloth to help them withstand the… Read the rest

What’s a Vacation?

I haven’t had too many vacations in my life. When I was growing up I was the oldest of seven children and frankly we couldn’t afford to go on vacation.  I remember one time – when there were only five children, the youngest an infant – we were piled into my stepfather’s bright red-orange  Chevy Vega and driven to visit his parents who lived in California. I don’t remember too much about the trip, except it was a long drive… Read the rest

I Feel Like I Keep Getting Knocked Down

Just when I start feeling optimistic about our debt, thinking we are finally making some progress, something happens that totally blows me out of the water. Like the newest huge chunk of debt, the air conditioning unit having to be replaced. I guess if things continue with Mr. A’s business like they have been, going along pretty steadily, and we are able to make a $500 dent each month, then it should only be four months until we are back… Read the rest