Carnival of Money Stories #80

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Carnival of Money Stories! It is my great pleasure to host this event. The weather has finally cooled down in the desert; it’s chilly in the morning and I am looking forward to cozy nights in front of the fireplace with a hot mug of cocoa. Okay, actually I don’t have a fireplace, but let’s pretend.

From Stock.xchng, thanks Mikekorn for the use of this photo!Grab a mug of your favorite hot beverage and join me!

There were many submissions to the carnival this week, but many were not “money stories” or “money experiences” as specified by the carnival guidelines. Here are the submissions that made the cut.

Editor’s Picks denoted with a green snowflake.
Stock photo “Hot Chocolate” by Mikekorn

Lulugal recounts a frustrating visit to CVS with Customer Service Issues At CVS posted at How I Save Money.

Finance Girl shares a little story about how she was trying to save money and ended up having to spend some in I Trimmed My Own Bangs and it Was a Disaster! posted at Finance Gets Personal.

Frugal Babe shares her money experience warning others to avoid looking: A Painful Look At Our Retirement Accounts posted at Frugal Babe.

Christopher Xpert tells us about his experience with personal finance in What Has Personal Finance Done For Me? posted at Affiliate Marketing Xpert.

Dawn mourns about her dog’s recent diagnosis in: The Cost Of Our Pet’s Healthcare posted at Iowahippiechicks Talking.

MoneyNing shares his money experience I Saved Another $100 Per Month posted at Personal Finance Blog by Money Ning.

FMF shares a story about some good friends who foreclosed their home in The Foreclosure Crisis Hits Close to Home, Part 2 posted at Free Money Finance.

Mike tells us how it used to be five years ago, and how he got to where he is today with Living Paycheck to Credit Card to Paycheck posted at Until Debt Do Us Part.

Todd has survived without being laid off four times in his decade of working and tells us about that in The Best Way To Be Laid Off posted at HarvestingDollars.

Stephanie tells us a little story about having to pay more for gas if only she’d waited one hour in Bad Timing posted at Stop the Ride!

Ray recalls how easy it used to be to get those 0% No Transfer Fee offers and gives a few links to where we can still find them in Where Are The 12 Month 0% No Balance Transfer Fee Credit Card Offers? posted at Money Blue Book Finance.

VH’s bread flopped and she ponders how we sometimes bring things upon ourselves in Dumb Tax posted at Funny about Money.

Jenna and her husband had to file bankruptcy three years ago; she shares what they did to gain credit again in Repairing Your Credit After Bankruptcy Part 1 posted at Ask Mr. Credit Card.

Hank tells how he and his wife decided against purchasing an automotive warranty in Using a Personal Escrow Account Instead of Buying an Automobile Extended Warranty posted at Military Money Might.

PT tells us a little about his past tendency to not save money in What’s the Best Financial Advice You’ve Ever Received? posted at Prime Time Money.

Amy’s life is going great; she contemplates on that as she decides to avoid looking at her portfolio until January in Taking Stock posted at My Daily Dollars.

Patrick shares with us what happened when his debit card number was stolen in Stolen Debit Card Number posted at Cash Money Life.

FWP tells us how she’s finally able to pay her little brother back for the money she owed him in $2200 for Little Brother posted at the Financial Wellness Project.

The Happy Rock shares A New Twist to Selling the Van – A Bailout Plan posted at The Happy Rock.

Trevor Watkinson used to be involved in a multi-level marketing business that “…made wild claims about financial freedom…” Read his story where he explains how it works from his own experience in Monavie and Quixtar are Cults posted at Blog.

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7 thoughts on “Carnival of Money Stories #80

  1. thanks for the editor’s pick! i’m thrilled and honored.

    but one small correction: i’m still working on paying the little brother back — it’s not over yet!


  2. Thank you for including me in the carnival, I appreciate it!
    I’ve received many different opinions on what to do, concerning my dog.
    People are very passionate about their pets …


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