Yakezie Alexa Challenge Roundup

Yakezie ChallengeToday it’s my turn to round up the Yakezie blogs.  I only had one blogger send an entry so I scooted around the Internet looking for interesting posts from bloggers in the group.

20s Money shares a history lesson with: World War II Did Not Lead America Out of Depression.

Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance shares Summer Reading for the Personal Finance Enthusiast.

Bargaineering tells us How To Recover From a Stolen Credit Card.

Beating Broke asks Is Gold The Next Bubble?

Bucksome Boomer shares 6 Luxuries in my Budget and asks what is your discretionary item and why?

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff’s husband is a teacher. In this post he ventures out into the land of blogging with response to a post at My Journey to Millions in A Teacher’s Reply.

Canadian Finance Blog reports that he and his wife have reached a major milestone and have paid off all credit card debt. Congratulations! In this post he wonders what they will do next: Consumer Debt Paid Off – Now What?

Car Negotiation Coach recommends getting quotes from both local dealers and CarsDirect in this post: CarsDirect Guarantee: Beware the fine print.

College for 10k shares A Few of My Favorite Things.

Consumer Boomer tells us How to Calculate Your Credit Card APR.

Smithee at Consumerism Commentary, having worked at Bank of America in customer service once upon a time shares some insight into interchange fee revenue in Weep Not for Interchange Fee Revenue.

Elle at Couple Money says keep records of all phone and emails that you have with the bank and shares why in Stay on Top of Your Bank.

Credit Card Chaser shares a news story about a 15 Year Old Boy Caught with 100’s of Skimmed Credit Card Numbers and shares a video on how credit card skimming works.

Darwin’s Money tells us about Things You Should Charge To Your Credit Card and Things You Should Never Buy on Credit.

Digging Out From Our Mess shares her experience with Peer to Peer Lending

Deliver Away Debt shares a few ways to keep track of your daily expenses in The Debt Destroyer – Capture Daily Expenses.

Early Retirement Extreme shares what he freely admits may be considered a “contrarian post” in The Secret of Education. I see a lot of people that believed the “meme” he discusses and unfortunately held themselves back from greater success simply because they didn’t have a degree.

Engineer your Finances interviews Jeffrey Fox author of the book How to Be a Fierce Competitor.

Eventual Millionaire shares How I Handle an Irregular Income.

Everyday Tips and Thoughts shares a few examples of  Why Do Some People Want Others To Fail?

Financial Samurai wonders Should I Refinance Now? Does A Bear Poop In The Woods?

Financially Poor offers one suggestion to The Path To Financial Freedom: Start Counting.

Free From Broke asks this question with regards to the Credit CARD Act of 2009: Are Personal Credit Cards Better for Your Business?

Frugal Confessions shares Restaurant Hacks: Your Money Saving Guide to Discount Dining.

Frugal Zeitgeist has been trying to keep up with the Insanity workout and shares this update: Insanity Week 9 (Day 63) Final Fit Test Results.

Funny About Money takes us with her on a day trip in Quick Summer Break…and maybe many more.

Girl With the Red Balloon responds to an anonymous commenter of a previous post in How Our Parents Shape Our Marital Finances.

Inexpensively shares a list of things to buy for school, including what we need to buy new, what can be used, and what not to splurge on in Back to School Shopping Guide

Invest it Wisely asks Should I Go with a Fixed or Variable Rate Mortgage?

Len Penzo shares another hilarious recounting in My Teenage Son, His Cell Phone, and the Bill for $1,055.20. Thank goodness he signed up with T-Mobile, my favorite cell phone provider.

Little House in the Valley’s little sister recently announced her engagement and Little House put together a Bliss Box for the couple, and now she is looking for some more input for the final product: Bliss Box Quiz.

Maximizing Money shares a nice list of Birthday Freebie Offers and Birthday Deals List.

Miss Thrifty shares Six Top Tips from Yorkshire’s Thriftiest Grannies.

Monevator shares Weekend Reading: The New Gold Rush.

Money Beagle was named beneficiary to a small life insurance by his grandma and reminisces about 1943 in It Was November of 1943.

Money Green Life realized not everyone knows exactly what certain financial terms mean and put it all together for us in 9 Key Financial Terms Explained.

Money Help for Christians talks about selling your car or house if you can no longer afford it in Can You Afford Your Car Payments? Can You Afford the House?

Money Reasons ponders Are Kids Being Raised The Best They Possibly Could Be? I always say it’s an experiment when raising children. We can go with what Dr. Spock told us, or maybe we prefer the methods of Dr. Sears. The end result is going to be different, and we just have to do our best and hope for the best.

Money Crush and her husband are paying off their mortgage early and tells us why in Why We’re Paying Off Our Mortgage Early. Awesome!  I plan to start tackling our mortgage after the credit cards are paid off!  Our mortgage is too small to make an impact on our income taxes so that’s not a concern for us.

My Financial Objectives is Considering a Second Job working as as a car salesman part time.  He anticipates making an extra $4000 per month. Too bad I already know I could never be a car salesman, since that’s almost double what I make in a month already. Sounds like a great opportunity!

My Journey to Millions tells us What does your Tax Return Say About You and Your Financial Health?

Narrow Bridge begins a post series called Starting a Small Business.

Nerd Wallet asks Discover Acceptance Hits 90%. Does Discover Escape Finally Deserve Consideration?

Not Made of Money shares 10 Essential Tips for Keeping Your Personal Finances Organized. My favorite of the ten is eliminate bills for services you aren’t using.

One Money Design asks Can You Afford to Send Your Kids to Private School? and shares some of the options for making that choice more affordable.

Peak Personal Finance warns us to make sure that offer isn’t actually deferred in No Interest for 12 Months? Watch Out: It’s Deferred.

Personal Finance by the Book interviews a family who bought a used car for cash sharing this motivational story: This Family Paid Cash For Their Car; You Can Too!

PF Firewall shares a great trick to discouraging ourselves from spending too much money while in the store. Ack. Just thinking about it makes me feel uncomfortable I must admit: You Can’t Spend What You Don’t Have With You.

Personal Finance Journey admits she’s a little bit Theodore and a little bit Simon and asks us to compare ourselves to the chipmunks in this cute rundown of the Financial Profiles from Alvin & the Chipmunks.

Planting Dollars says we’re already rich if we’re living in America in How Long Do I Have to Act Poor Until I’m Rich?

Punch Debt in the Face dares us to share in If You Show Me Yours, I’ll Show You Mine. He paid for his honeymoon in this cycle so his bill is way up there.

Rainy Day Saver talks about Finding Fulfillment in Life.

Redeeming Riches asks Should You File For Credit Card Bankruptcy?

Retirement Investing Today shares The Real Pay Cuts Begin – Average UK Earnings – July 2010 Update.

Saving Money Today reveals how much much he’s spent shopping at Amazon and some of what he’s bought in: I’ve Spent $2703.59 at Amazon! I also encouraged SMT to go through someone’s affiliate account before purchasing, hopefully he’ll consider using mine. 😉

Single Mom, Rich Mom lists some of the signs that Mel is in financial deep water in Mel Gibson Blows It (Money, that is).

Smart On Money says to make saving a priority in Personal Finance Basics: Pay Yourself First.

Squirrelers gives a few things to consider when relocating and asks how much money you’d need to be offered to make a move to a new job 1000 miles away in How Much Money Would it Take for You to Relocate?

Sustainable Life Blog says everyone is missing the point – buy yourself a water bottle instead of buying thinner plastic water in bottles in Saving the Environment with Thin Plastic.

Sweating the Big Stuff shares an update from “Sally” who he wrote about a few months ago in Motivational Story: From Dog Walking to Ivy League.

The Amateur Financier shares pros and cons in seeking your fortune abroad in Should You Outsource Yourself?

Kelly at  The Centsible Life has her kids enrolled in swimming lessons and had to jump in to rescue her youngest and shares in Swim Lessons and Drowning Fears.

The Millionaire Nurse Blog tells how our perspective changes depending on our age in Wisdom Shared.

The Saved Quarter was given a gift certificate to The Container Store by one of her visitors and thanks all of her visitors to her blog in A Great Big Thank You!

Wealth Artisan talks about the tiny house called the Tumbleweed the builder of which ended up with a successful company based on building tiny houses in The 89 Square Foot Home.

Ultimate Money Blog tells us we should stop dwelling on the negative, stop over planning and focus on the day in Living in the Present.

Watson Inc. shares that he’s Ticked Off At Murphy, Yakezie Round Up, & Uncommon Money News.

Wealth Pilgrim tells us How To Make Your Small Business More Successful.

Well-Heeled Blog shares a few methods to counteract “I-want-buy-itis” in How to Talk Yourself Out of Buying and Spending. Of the methods listed, the main one I use is The Big Goal Factor which is paying down our credit card debt.

Young and Thrifty gives us a rundown on Good Debt vs Bad Debt with a few examples and scenarios.

Tight Fisted Miser has been Showering in the Dark to save an estimated one penny on electricity… and he’s going to try to limit his showers to ten minutes.

Financial Bondage shares his personal view on health care in Health Insurance for the Self-Employed.

Personal Dividends shares 7 Fun, Frugal Dates to Keep Your Relationship Going. I wish we lived nearby a body of water, I like the thought of going to the beach.

Wealth Informatics tells us how to How to Save Money with Discount, Cheap, Unrestricted Movie Tickets!

Live Real, Now shares 5 Life Altering Lessons I Learned From My Debt. My favorite is “The things I care about do not cost money.”

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66 thoughts on “Yakezie Alexa Challenge Roundup

  1. Amazing job! You are absolutely right! It’s is an experiment, and there is no right answer. I’m jus t going to do my best…

    After further thoughts on the matter, I also realize that a perfect solution will change with different points in time. So while we might be able to establish a core base that doesn’t change, with each generation there will be at least some change for the best fit in the current time period and environment.

    Thanks for the mention and comment on my post. 🙂


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    @Money Reasons, that is true. We think we have it all figured out, then something happens to change everything. Especially when we have more than one child! You are welcome and thanks for stopping by!


  2. Thanks for hosting. Great Carnival…I am proud to be a part of it. Note: I am still being blocked by Akismet so I commented without using my website. The one I tried with my website got blocked, so if you could mark it as “not spam” I would appreciate it. 🙂


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    @Joe Plemon, you’re welcome. I did find you in my spam folder and I did mark you “not spam”. I hope you get that straightened out soon!


  3. Thanks a lot for hosting and including my post. Sorry for not submitting, I am a little confused on how to submit entries. It must have taken a lot of time to pull this carnival together. Thanks again and great job!


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    @Suba @ Wealth Informatics, you need to log into the Yakezie google group and go to pages and find the carnival host list. Then submit to the host for the week. No worries, I haven’t submitted posts to the carnival myself so don’t feel bad. 🙂


  4. Oh wow, sorry for not sending an entry, and thanks for including one of mine!

    We’re going to have a forum (public or private I donno yet) on Yakezie.com once it launches.

    Looking forward to a couple “Member Posts” from you once the site is launched. One is about yourself and your passions, and two is to write about exactly that thing you are most into.

    Stay tuned!




    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    @Financial Samurai, no problem at all! I have not submitted to the weekly carnival either. I always figured I’d just visit everyone listed on the spreadsheet and it was fun getting to visit ALL the Yakezie member blogs! Looking forward to seeing Yakezie.com!


  5. Sorry for not including an entry. Thanks for including a post from my site anyway! You did a fabulous job with this carnival. Kind regards,


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    @Roshawn @ Watson Inc, my goodness, no problem! I was glad to include everyone on the spreadsheet. I hope I got everyone – btw, if someone got missed, let me know and I’ll add a post.


  6. Great Roundup. Thanks for grabbing that post. I enjoyed writing it. We can learn a lot from our elders, if we bother to listen!


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    @Dr Dean, thank you! I totally agree with you. I have always appreciated spending time with my elders, and always learn a lot from them!


  7. At the risk of sounding redundant-I REALLY APPRECIATE THE INCLUSION IN THE CARNIVAL. I completely agree, we need an easier way to publicize and submit to the Yakezie Carnival. what’s wrong with Blog Carnival. THANK YOU, Barb


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    @Barb Friedberg, you’re welcome! I think the group decided against Blog Carnival since there isn’t a way to restrict the submissions to only the Yakezie members. Thanks for visiting and commenting!


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  9. Wow, this is a great list of articles. I can only imagine how long this took to put together.

    I actually joined the Yakezie challenge on Monday, but I have no idea how to submit articles (although I did download the plugin from Financial Zeitgeist) for inclusion. Can you tell me what I need to do?


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