Day 7 – 30 Day Abundance Project

Day 7 – $6400

I’ve joined Millionaire Mommy in a 30 Day Abundance Exercise.

Oh, this is getting a little difficult for me. I just don’t want much. Well, I guess with today’s money we would buy the materials needed to build an addition onto our home. We bought an air conditioner that would handle an extra room when we bought our place as we planned to build an extra room within the first year. We never got that done. So we know the air conditioner can handle another room. I’d also hire a painter to paint our home. Mr. A doesn’t mind painting with his spray painter but it’s not really one of his favorite things to do. So we’ll get someone else to do it and help out their business.

Remember this is an exercise that is supposed to stimulate our thinking about abundance, I’m not really spending all this money. If you want to join in, learn more at Millionaire Mommy’s.

Gratitude: I’m grateful that we can still afford to pay for gas and food at the increased costs. Even though it’s more expensive, I’m grateful that we have air conditioning in our home.

About Day 6, Mommy Millionaire started out with “Show Me The Money”. I am not sure if I’m up to that much brainstorming. We’ll see if I can figure something out for tomorrow.

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