Stocks with ING Direct

I wasn’t eligible to sign up for the $25 bonus from ING Direct because I did it many years ago and closed the account.

But I did sign Mr. A up for an account to get the bonus. Now he’s received an offer by email if he signs up to invest in stocks, he [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

A Day of Silence

In memory of those who lost loved ones this day in 2001.

Yours Truly,

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One Year Moratorium on Books and Spending Sprees

Whew. Trent over at The Simple Dollar has decided to go on a ONE YEAR moratorium on books. He’s not going to buy any books for ONE YEAR. OUCH. That seems like such a long time to put oneself under the law!

I find that I do the same kind of thing that Trent [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Day 7 – 30 Day Abundance Project

Day 7 – $6400

I’ve joined Millionaire Mommy in a 30 Day Abundance Exercise.

Oh, this is getting a little difficult for me. I just don’t want much. Well, I guess with today’s money we would buy the materials needed to build an addition onto our home. We bought an air conditioner that would [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

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