Day 8 – 30 Day Abundance Project

Day 8 – $12,800

I’ve joined Millionaire Mommy in a 30 Day Abundance Exercise.

Today I washed our bedding and after I finished remaking the beds I laid there for a while taking a break from my uncharacteristic bout of energy.

When I actually have energy, I want to get things done. The only problem is when these rare occasions roll around, there’s so much to do that it’s impossible for me to get it done on my own. I know the key is to work slowly and steadily, day by day. Even if I only spend 15 minutes a day cleaning one room, it will make a difference after a week.

While I was lying there, it occurred to me that I could use my “money” to hire someone to help me, and in doing so, could help out someone else. One of my sisters owns her own housecleaning business. I figured out what I’d spend today’s money on.

My sister charges $20 per hour. I’d like her to come one day a week, usually when I’m here, but sometimes I won’t be here. I’d like her to clean for six hours, and she’s going to have to leave her chemical cleaners at home. She lives 62 miles from me, so it will take her at least an hour drive to get here, and an hour drive home. Her current vehicle is a really huge gas hog. I would be willing to set aside this $12,800 to hire my sister to come help me clean and declutter my home.

I will pay her for her driving time, which will be at least 2 hours, and sometimes 3 – depending on traffic, and for her gas money. So $180 for the nine hours, and $50 for gasoline, for one day of helping me out. If she can persuade her son to come with her once a month, I’ll pay him $50 to do hoof trims on our goats.

So I figure the cost every four weeks to be $970. 48 weeks worth of housework – and I’m going to ask her to haul away any junk (she can get into her city dump free with her water bill, I have to pay to use our dump). The cost comes to $12,610.00 for eleven months of housework.

This would help my sister A LOT. She is a single mother (the father is deceased) and she will be able to work less and be home more for her three teen-aged children.

Gratitude: I am grateful that my children have their father, and that he is a good father. I am grateful for the burst of energy I had today.

Remember this is an exercise in abundance. I am not yet ready to participate in “Show Me The Money” that Millionaire Mommy is now including in her posts. BTW, Millionaire Mommy’s sister-in-law is somewhere in the wilderness lost. I hope and pray she is found safely.

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