Loser with a Capital L

That’s what I feel like tonight!!!!!

I remember trying to get an automatic payment set up with the new ZERO PERCENT interest card, and I couldn’t remember when the payment was due. I thought maybe on the 7th, or the 9th, or TODAY.

I was gone working with my husband all day long, with no computer and no internet access.

I remembered on the way home, and I logged in to Citicards right away.

On the front page, it showed that a payment was due today, but no amount was shown. I went ahead and clicked on “Make a Payment” to see if anything came up. OH. There it was. $60 due, today.

However, my online payment today, won’t hit the bank until Monday morning.

I called Citicard in a panic and got a really nice lady on the phone. She told me if the payment isn’t made by 5pm Eastern time, it doesn’t go in until the next day, and since it’s Friday, it won’t go in until Monday!!

She said she was going to put a note on my account, and ask them not to give me a late charge. I told her I was really concerned because it was my first payment and a zero interest card! She said that I should call back next Friday, because my next bill will go out on the 10th. She said they will be able to tell me on Friday, if my interest rate was raised. She said, “Let me tell you a little secret. We work with our customers here. If the rate was raised, ask them if they will please lower it.” She also told me if they charged me a late fee, to ask them to please remove it.

I expressed to her that I was very stressed out by this, and she said she knew exactly how it feels, and she asked me to please not worry about it. She asked me to promise her that I wouldn’t worry, because they would work with me on it.

I cannot believe I didn’t get that payment made.

I hate that the payment has to be made before 5pm Eastern time!!!

I told Mr. A what I’d done, and he was very kind and reassuring. He told me first of all to listen to that lady, and don’t worry. And he said if they do raise our rate, then we’ll deal with it.

I am just cringing inside at having made this mistake.

So the Balance Transfer Saga continues. Stay tuned for next Friday, when I let you know if they raised my rate, and if they lowered it back down.

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