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Update on Balance Transfer Plan (Fall 2014)

Back in October I wrote about my plan for my balance transfers.  Two of my credit cards were not at 0%, and on two others the promotion was ending (in December). I really had to put together a plan this time because three of the cards were Chase and that made it tricky because I had to use other banks (Chase doesn’t allow balance transfers from one Chase card to another). Also, my budget really tightened up when I bought… Read the rest

Balance Transfer Plans Fall 2014

In my last post I updated our credit card debt and also mentioned that I plan on doing some balance transfers as soon as possible. Here is where we are at regarding our credit card debt: Chase I (Formerly AMEX) is now $5724 (Currently 0% interest – promotion ends 12-14) Chase II is now $6663 (Currently 8.99% interest) Chase III (Business debt) $5041 (Currently 0% interest – promotion ends 12-14) Bank of America $661 (Currently 9.5% interest) Grand total credit… Read the rest

Hopefully It’s Finally Over!! Balance Transfer Saga!

I hope this is the final entry in the Balance Transfer Saga. I made up my mind that this weekend I HAD to “find out where we are with our money.” I’ve been busy for the past three weekends and haven’t been able to get receipts entered into Quicken, reconcile accounts, look at our budget, etc. Thankfully the money Mr. A was waiting on finally was released and we had access to that money to cover everything without having to… Read the rest

Yet One More Update On The Balance Transfer Saga

If you haven’t read it before, you can read all about it from the beginning by clicking on this link. This should be the final update for this saga. Today I received a letter from Citicards that said, “Dear Mrs. Accountability: Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding your Citicard account. We’re pleased to confirm we have credited your account $39.00, in addition to any related fees or finance charges. You will see these adjustments within 2 billing periods.” Whew.… Read the rest