Balance Transfer Update

I’ve been logging in to Chase every day, to see if the remaining $4000 has been paid with the balance transfer from Citicard. It’s still there this morning.

I checked my Citicard account this morning to see if there was any information about the balance transfer, as I began the process last Saturday on the 1st. On the front page, I noticed there was a link that said, “View Your Balance Transfer Offer”. I thought maybe there might be an update there. That window popped open and it was the process to start a balance transfer. At the bottom of the first screen it said, “PLEASE NOTE: If you leave this process before receiving a confirmation page, you’ll need to start over. We cannot save or process incomplete requests.”

Hmmm… my memory is so fuzzy lately that I couldn’t remember whether I’d gotten a confirmation page or not, so I thought I had better put in a call to the 800 number on the back of my card.

I spoke with a representative who put me on hold for a minute while she looked over my account. Initially she’d said the transfer should happen the same day, but when she came back she said that Citicard had sent a check out to Chase on the 4th.

When I applied for the balance transfer, you come to a step where you enter your credit card number and the institution from which it comes. When I filled mine in, it said mine wasn’t found, so I had to enter the billing address for the card.

Perhaps that is causing the delay. Maybe they usually can electronically transfer the money, but this time they had to send a check.

In the meantime, I continue to pay interest on that remaining $4000 at Chase. I can’t stop worrying about the Chase card until the next statement as there will still be a balance remaining because of the interest. Once that is completely paid off, I can stop worrying about that account.

When we didn’t have any credit card debt back in November 2006, I played the earn points game with this credit card. It was through Amazon, and I’d earn points for every dollar spent. So what I’d do is buy gas, or groceries all through the month, then I’d pay the credit card in full. Every time I’d get up to $2500 in charges, I’d earn a gift certificate for $25.00 to shop at Amazon.

It was fun while it lasted, but when I could no longer pay the card in full, and we started paying interest every month, it quickly became stupid to even think about earning points for a free book or two from Amazon.

I’ll be glad when this credit card is paid off and I can begin focusing on paying down the other two.

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