Monthly Archives: February 2008

Helping Family Out Financially

I’ve mentioned my sister’s phone bill being charged to me a couple of times on this blog. Here’s the skinny on that particular scenario. The main problem is my sister has really bad credit, and when she wanted to get a cell phone for business purposes back in 2001, she asked if I would get the phone for her in my name, and she’d pay the bill. I agreed to do that for her. I acknowledge that part of the… Read the rest

Blast From The Past – 2000

I thought it would be an interesting comparison to look at our expenditures while we were living below the poverty level, and now that we have a lot more money coming in. I took the totals for six months in the year 2000, added them together and divided them by six. I did the same with six month from 2007. Compared side by side, 2000 vs. 2007. Sometimes I wish we could go back to living that tightly. We could… Read the rest

My Auto Insurance Savings

One of the offers through recently was NetQuote. It came via an email offer. I clicked on it, and noticed I could get a 1000 point bonus if I signed up for a quote, and none of the offers could beat my current insurance. In 2005, being the only driver on my 9 year old vehicle, the cost was $401 for six months. At that time we had 21st Century Auto Insurance. In 2006, when it came time to… Read the rest

Excel Can Help You Calculate

I know there are hundreds of online calculators to be found, but I grow weary of the delay in response due to my Internet connection. I have satellite internet — it is the only “fast” Internet available out in the country. I pay for the cheapest connection, which is rather expensive at $50/month. I would rather deal with the slight delay in pages loading, than pay an extra $20 or more a month. Besides the delay, I’m a huge Excel… Read the rest