Helping Family Out Financially

I’ve mentioned my sister’s phone bill being charged to me a couple of times on this blog.

Here’s the skinny on that particular scenario.

The main problem is my sister has really bad credit, and when she wanted to get a cell phone for business purposes back in 2001, she asked if I would [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Blast From The Past – 2000

I thought it would be an interesting comparison to look at our expenditures while we were living below the poverty level, and now that we have a lot more money coming in.

I took the totals for six months in the year 2000, added them together and divided them by six. I did the [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

My Auto Insurance Savings

One of the offers through recently was NetQuote. It came via an email offer. I clicked on it, and noticed I could get a 1000 point bonus if I signed up for a quote, and none of the offers could beat my current insurance.

In 2005, being the only driver on my 9 [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Excel Can Help You Calculate

I know there are hundreds of online calculators to be found, but I grow weary of the delay in response due to my Internet connection. I have satellite internet — it is the only “fast” Internet available out in the country. I pay for the cheapest connection, which is rather expensive at $50/month. I [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

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