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Grocery Shopping Series Part III: Is The Value Pack The Best Buy?

This is Part III in a series on saving money on groceries. This post focuses on the value pack vs. the smaller sized package. As I’m grocery shopping, I take several things into consideration as I make my choices. In trying to get the best buy, I don’t always buy the cheapest, or the largest. Most of the stores have a cost per ounce sticker under every item. When they do, it’s easy enough to figure out which one is… Read the rest

"Wiggle" Room

Paid Twice has written two posts now about having some “wiggle” room in the budget. I admire PT for being so focused on debt reduction, I recognize myself in her. But that was many years ago. I sometimes want to kick myself for not having that drive, the desire to be debt-free so strongly. But I just don’t seem to have the stamina for it any longer. I remember when I was a teenager, and feeling disgusted for the wasteful… Read the rest

When Being Poor Warps Your Thinking

I remember when our income was so meager that I didn’t bother to look to see how much something cost, because I didn’t have even five extra dollars to buy it. When more money started coming in, I remember the astonishment when looking at an item and thinking I’d done without that little thing all these years, when it only cost five dollars! I guess I’d thought it cost a lot more. Last week, my boss asked me if my… Read the rest

Will Everyone Get a Stimulus Check?

My mom called me a couple of days ago, wanting to fill me in on all the details about the Economic Stimulus Payment. She told me even if you didn’t make any money last year, you can still fill out a Form 1040A and get a check. She told me to be sure to fill one out for my oldest son (he is disabled) as he was eligible as well. She told me she was going to help my youngest… Read the rest