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October 2009 Garden Update

Earlier this year I learned how to extend the life of my seeds.  Here is my gallon jar of seeds that I keep in the bottom shelf of my refrigerator.  If you look closely, you can see the rubber bands around some packets. I have bundled the seed packets together by season. The ones piled on top are all the seeds that I can use at this time of the year. On Monday I planted more seeds in my garden. … Read the rest

September 2009 Gardening

My garden is still producing.  The watermelon plants have done wonderfully, and I was able to harvest a watermelon a couple of days ago. It is a Malali watermelon. So far this is the largest one, although I believe this variety is supposed to be 10-15 pounds. It came in just under 5 pounds, at 4 pounds 14 ounces. This grew on the netting I made, and I’d given it extra support with that netting that covers the frozen turkeys,… Read the rest

Garden Gleanings in August

Amazingly I managed to harvest some eggplant from the garden yesterday morning. I was surprised to see how many eggplant had grown over the last week or so. I guess since the temperatures are not so horribly high, although we were scheduled for a heatwave high of 114°F yesterday.  In the photo you’ll see mostly Lavender Touch eggplant, a few Raveena eggplant, and some basil! These are eggplant that are old and have turned yellow. They will no doubt be… Read the rest

August 2009 Garden Update

Most of my garden is dead due to the heat this month. The average for August was 94°F. The highest temperature was 115.6°F and the low was 65.3°F. This desolate barren bed used to be the squash bed. I couldn’t use this bed throughout the summer.  I had a brainstorm last spring about using pallets with chicken wire stapled to the bottom as a way to keep out the gophers that had invaded.  It worked great during the cool weather,… Read the rest