Garden Gleanings in August

Amazingly I managed to harvest some eggplant from the garden yesterday morning. I was surprised to see how many eggplant had grown over the last week or so. I guess since the temperatures are not so horribly high, although we were scheduled for a heatwave high of 114°F yesterday.  In the photo you’ll see mostly Lavender Touch eggplant, a few Raveena eggplant, and some basil!

August Garden

These are eggplant that are old and have turned yellow. They will no doubt be very bitter, so I’ll let these bake in the sun for a couple of days until they soften, and then give them to the chickens.

Yellowed Eggplant

I haven’t said much about my basil plant. One basil plant, and it’s growing fantastically in this hot weather.

Basil in my August Garden

I am just in awe over the watermelon plants, they are growing better than any I’ve ever grown in all my years of having a garden. Here is a shot from within the garden where the vines are growing up the mesh I wove by hand from hay twine.

Watermelon Vines Inside Garden

And here is how it looks from the outside of the garden. The birds are leaving the vines alone, and the watermelon aren’t even being pecked into. Amazing.  Lots and lots of bees in the morning, buzzing around to fertilize the flowers.

Watermelon Vines Outside of Garden

Mid-September I’ll begin planting seeds again. I’m actually starting to look forward to it. I’m especially looking forward to the weather to cool down.

Wishing for cooler weather,

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