October 2009 Garden Update

Earlier this year I learned how to extend the life of my seeds.  Here is my gallon jar of seeds that I keep in the bottom shelf of my refrigerator.  If you look closely, you can see the rubber bands around some packets. I have bundled the seed packets together by season. The ones piled on top are all the seeds that I can use at this time of the year.

Seeds for my Garden

On Monday I planted more seeds in my garden.  It’s the third planting in three weeks.  I’m trying to plant a small bed every weekend right now, with a variety of vegetables while the fall garden is getting started. Usually I overwhelm myself and try to plant 10 different kinds of seeds all on one day.   Putting a limit on myself to plant just a few seems to be a lot easier, especially when I know I can plant more in just a few days.

On September 20th, I planted Bright Lights Swiss Chard, Pinetree lettuce mix, White Lisbon Bunching onions (green), and Cherry Belle radishes.

On September 27th, I planted Early Snowball cauliflower, Bright Lights Swiss Chard, Mokum carrot, Tom Thumb lettuce, Bloomsdale Long Standing spinach, Crosby Egyptian beets, Cherry Belle radishes, Point One cabbage and cilantro.

On Monday, October 4th, I planted Early Dividend broccoli, Giant Noble spinach, and Purple Plum radish. I realized it will soon be time to plant peas!

Here’s what the bed looked like on Monday:

Baby Plants

I did a lot better job of keeping the September 27th bed moist while the seeds germinated.  I can tell because a lot more seeds have germinated, and I was happy to see the carrots are coming up. They take longer to germinate, and if I don’t keep them moist enough, they just don’t come up at all.

I think next weekend I’ll plant Brussels sprouts, celery, and more lettuce in the small bed at the top left corner.

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