Shopping for Homecoming Dresses at Nordstrom’s Outlet Last Chance

My niece and I went shopping at Last Chance, Nordstrom’s Outlet in Phoenix, Arizona.  We found three dresses and two pairs of shoes for a total of: $73.89.

Today I’ve been researching the items we bought, and if the items were bought at original retail value the cost would have been $898.98.  Wow.

I have never been to a homecoming dance or any kind of high school dance for that matter. The main reason: I dropped out of high school in October of my sophomore year because my mother had been hospitalized with pregnancy complications carrying her last child.  There was no one available to watch the two year old and four year old at home, and we couldn’t afford a babysitter. I don’t even remember there being any conversation about the situation, I think what happened was my mom’s ankles were extremely swollen and she went in for a regular checkup and was sent directly to the hospital.  Maybe I was already home babysitting the little ones, but who knows.

Even though I had dropped out of high school, I doubt I would have ever gone to a dance because 1) I was very introverted and shy, 2) I wasn’t allowed to date and 3) our religion prohibited sinful things like dancing.

So… when my sister texted me a few days ago to tell me her daughter needed a dress for the prom I decided I wanted to lend a hand.  I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into, is my niece a thrifty girl, or does she prefer and covet spendy name brands?

At first I was just going to send some money to my sister, but in talking with a couple of my friends they encouraged me to go with my niece and help her pick out a dress and some shoes.  I decided that I would give my niece $100.  I was hoping she would be willing to check out Savers or Ross Dress for Less.  I was even thinking Charlotte Russe since they have pretty good prices and trendy prom-like dresses.

Then I remembered Last Chance.  A friend of mine took me there for the first time when I was looking for my wedding dress, which in the end I found my beautiful sequined wedding gown at Goodwill for $25.00.

But I digress.  Last Chance is located near 20th Street and Camelback Road in Phoenix, Arizona.  It is in a strip mall and Last Chance is in the basement.  It seems a little trashy and run down, but there are some awesome deals if you are careful with your shopping. I’ll share with you what we found for my niece.

But first, just a few caveats.  When shopping Last Chance, be aware that there are no returns, no refunds and no exchanges.  Anything that arrives at Last Chance typically has some kind of flaw.  With dresses, it might be that a zipper does not zip properly, a stitch may be coming lose at the seam, a hook, eye, snap or button may be missing.  There may be a snag in the fabric, or there could be stains.

Just examine your items carefully and decide if you can live with or repair the flaw.

All right, on with the deals we found!

Xscape Ruched Satin One Shoulder Wine Red Sheath Dress

Original Retail Value: $155

Last Chance: $11.97

First up, the red dress.  This dress is currently available at Nordstrom’s in Plum and Charcoal.  It is striking and lovely on my niece.

Adrianna Papell Surplice Neckline Beaded Strap Pleated Stretch Royal Blue Sheath Satin Dress

Original Retail Value: $199

Last Chance: $11.97

Next up, this dress is from the Adrianna Papell Collection. It’s royal blue, has sequins on the straps and is just gorgeous.  I found this dress through Google images but the only place that had it available for sale was a company that only sells wholesale so I could not get the price.  I did find a wish list site where three people wanted it, and the original price was $199 from Macy’s.

The material on this dress was perfect.  No snags, but there was one small problem. The harness strap which two hooks on one strap but no eyes on the joining strap.  The joining strap had one snap with none on the other end.  This was most likely a mistake made at the factory and the store didn’t want to bother with repairing the problem. I told my niece she would simply need to place two eyes to match with the hooks and remove the snap.  Or, she could add a second snap and the matching snap components to the other side, removing the hooks.  The dress looks amazing on her and was also $11.97.

Here is a closeup of the beaded straps at the top. You can click on the photo to see an even larger image.

As we were sorting through the racks and racks of dresses, my niece commented to me that she was thrilled about the inexpensive prices for the dresses. I was very happy to hear her say that!

Cynthia Steffe “Rosalin” Pleated Brocade White Dress

Original Retail Value: $345

Last Chance: $11.97

The last dress was a white one by Cynthia Steffe.  It is named “Rosalin” and retailed at one time for $345!!   It can be purchased currently at Saks Fifth Avenue for $103.  It was visibly dirty and will need to be washed. The tag says Dry Clean Only, but I have found that most fabric responds well to washing with Woolite.

Now for the shoes.  We found two pairs that she loved.

MP Platinum “Fae” Satin Wedge Pump

Original Retail Value: $59.99

Last Chance: $18.99

The first was by MP Platinum, the shoe is named  “Fae” and it is a satin wedge pump. It is currently available at Nordstrom’s, retailing originally for $59.99 but now available for $39.90.

Martinez Valero “Cimmy” Sandal

Original Retail Value: $139.99

Last Chance: $18.99

I’d suggested a strappy heel but my niece was looking for pumps. So I was secretly thrilled when she chose these gorgeous shoes. This shoe is Martinez Valero Cimmy Sandal and can be purchased from Amazon where the ivory size 8.5 is available for $104.99.  Wow!

As it turns out, my niece has great taste and is also a thrifty girl. I am very proud of her for being willing to check Last Chance.  We found some amazing bargains and she has dresses for all three events she will be attending this year.

Where is your favorite place to shop for great bargains?


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  1. I currently work for the new Rack that Nordstrom is opening around the corner from Last Chance, and my little heart swelled with corporate pride that you got such smokin’ deals over at Last Chance! The beading on that blue dress is gorgeous! I hope your niece has a great time at her prom.
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    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Hi Kerry! 😀 Glad you were happy to see my post. Yeah, I totally love that blue dress – wish I could wear it! So gorgeous! She sent me pics that night and she was just beautiful and had a great time. Thanks for stopping by! Mrs. A


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