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How to Meet Your Financial Goals

Everyone has goals and objectives financially, whether they know it or not. Maybe you’d like to retire early, or maybe you’d just like to retire at all! Maybe you want to own your own home. Maybe you have a dream car that you would love to purchase some day, or you want to pay your kids’ way through college. These are all wonderful objectives, but you’re not going to reach them without a plan. Let’s say I wanted to drive… Read the rest

Arizona Use Tax for Online Purchases

Some Arizona taxpayers may get a surprise while preparing taxes this year. A new line has been added to our income tax form which requires you to state the amount of your online purchases and you are expected to pay use tax for online purchases. Arizona has decided to get serious with enforcing a use tax which they state has been in effect for almost 60 years. The 2011 Arizona Resident Personal Income Tax Instruction Booklet informs us: Arizona’s use… Read the rest
I Hate Parking from Aaron Jacobs at Flickr

10 Things We Hate Spending Our Hard Earned Money On

It’s a fact of life that most of us have to work to pay bills, the mortgage or rent, food and entertainment and everything else.   Most of the time I can dull the pain which comes from having to turn my money over to everyone else, I’ve grown accustomed to it, but some things are more aggravating than others. Here are the things I hate spending my money on.  Some of them I’ve had to spend money on in the… Read the rest