I Finally Broke Down and Bought a Smart Phone!

I know, I know, after all the kicking and screaming and defensive posts on why I don’t need a smart phone and here I find myself owning one and really, really liking it despite myself.  Right up to the moment I purchased the phone, and agreed to the data plan I was having misgivings [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Are You Living an Optimized Life or Just Skating By?

For most of my life I’ve just muddled along, not really giving much care to my health, because I’ve always considered myself to be healthy.  By that I mean I’m not sick often, and rarely have to take sick time off from work.  I don’t have a huge laundry list of complaints… sure I [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

Get All Three Credit Scores With Go Free Credit


Dave Ramsey says “…your credit score is not an indicator of winning financially. All it tells you is whether you are good at borrowing money and paying it back. That’s it.” He says you can still get a mortgage without a FICO score by jumping through a few hoops, but guess [CLICK TO CONTINUE…]

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