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Arizona Sunset

Pixlr Editor is a Free Online Photo Editor Very Similar to Photoshop

A couple of weekends ago my computer got infected with a virus and my son the computer technician battled with it for awhile but finally told me it would be more thorough and effective to simply replace my hard drive.  Cost effective to his way of thinking, since he was volunteering his free time to fix my computer.  Unfortunately his saving time/money caused me to spend money, setting me back eighty bucks for the new hard drive, not to mention… Read the rest

The Year We Raised Our Own Turkeys for Thanksgiving Dinner

Every year, our son AJ likes to remind us of the year we raised our own turkeys. Before I tell you the story, let me remind you to make turkey soup from your leftover Thanksgiving turkey carcass. Over the years in addition to turkeys we’ve raised steer, geese, pigs, lambs, ducks and guinea fowl.  We got our first chickens in December of 2002 just about six months after we moved to our acreage. In March 2003 we got our first… Read the rest

Black Friday Week at Amazon! Christmas Right Around the Corner!

Are you starting to feel the Christmas spirit yet? Of course the stores are all decked out, and certain radio stations are beginning to play Christmas songs on the radio.  But before Christmas comes the biggest shopping day of the year: Black Friday.  The day the retailers expect to break even, go “into the black”. I remember the first year I’d ever heard of Black Friday.  I was 16 years old, living with my foster family and I remember the… Read the rest

Side Gig or Take Out a Title Loan on Your Car?

For those of us in the personal finance realm, the answer to that question is pretty simple. Just say no to the title loan. Several times a week I hear this commercial on the radio and it goes something like this: “Helpful” Friend: “Hey Mike, what’s up?” Entrepreneur Guy: “I’m short on cash so I’m working today. I have a side gig, I’m a clown for kid parties.” “Helpful” Friend: “Oh man! Why are you working on the weekend, you… Read the rest