New Wardrobe - One Dollar Items

Twenty New Outfits Under Twenty Dollars!

A local thrift store in a town about 25 miles from me had a special going on in the month of May on Wednesdays.  Every piece of clothing in the store was on sale for ONE DOLLAR.  This store does not typically have a very good selection. In fact, sadly, the clothing is reminiscent of the sorry thrift stores my mother shopped when I was a child. Much of the clothing is sun faded, and has awful stains, so I didn’t hold much hope that I would find much of anything.

In fact, when I told Mr. A of my plans he said, “Good luck!” because he knows how bad it can be. One thing in my favor, since I’ve lost weight and am wearing smaller clothing, there is a larger selection. I have found it to be that way at most thrift stores. The larger sized a woman is, the less of a selection available.

When I shop for clothing at thrift stores, I start with a rack at my size and push the hangers all the way to the left.  Then I start flipping through each and every item quickly to see what it looks like.  I can pretty much tell by the sleeve if I like the color or not, and if I like the color or pattern I will take a closer look.  This way I can go through a rack very fast and find anything I like.

One thing I found interesting is that I perused the large of all the racks and didn’t find much and then I decided to try the medium, and found quite a few more items that fit me quite nicely.

I bought mostly blouses that can be worn with my long black tube skirt. I found one skirt which I really liked and a top to match it.

Then a few days later I stopped at a local church having a yard sale, and found several more tops for only fifty cents each!

I didn’t take photos of every single item, but here are a few of the things I bought.  I picked out fifteen items at the thrift store, and six items from the church yard sale.

New Wardrobe - One Dollar Items

So far I have worn the colorful long sleeved blouse, the one that is red, yellow and purple, and the blue, turquoise, purple and pink one next to it.  I’ve worn these tops with my black long tube skirt. They are very flattering to my figure.

I added up the tags from the thrift store and the items I bought would have cost $40 if I had paid regular price.  I was pretty happy that I found so many items that were in very nice condition. I’m glad I took a chance and visited this store, even though in the past I have not had very good luck with finding anything nice.

It helped a lot that everything was only one dollar, because some of these tops were marked $4.99 and I probably would have passed them up for that price.

Do you like shopping thrift stores?

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7 thoughts on “Twenty New Outfits Under Twenty Dollars!

  1. I buy just about everything I wear at Vincent De Paul here in Appleton, WI. Just got a compliment from the deli girl at Copp’s grocery store tonight on my earrings. “Real” stores make me anxious now with too many of each item and the high prices! I’d much rather go on a treasure hunt at V’s!

    Love your new duds, Mrs. A!



  2. I would LOVE to shop at thrift stores, but I am an extremely petite woman. So unless I want to buy kid’s clothing, I usually can not find anything I like/in my size at a thrift store. But congrats on your lucky finds! 🙂


  3. Wow! You did GREAT! What a shopping triumph. 🙂

    You have so much more patience than I do. I hate shopping for clothes, and especially shopping in places where I have to shuffle through a lot of dross to find the gold.


  4. I shop for my children at a local consignment store. At the end of the season, they sell a “bag” of clothing for $5. I usually get about 15 – 20 outfits for that price since they are quite small. I love shopping there because we live near more affluent areas and the items are usually good quality. Plus since the children usually have quite a bit, they tend to be either new or like new.


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