Where Does Your Paycheck Go?

I was looking for a new font to make a new header for my blog. I just felt like making a change, and in the process I found a “get out of debt” group at Flickr and thought this image was interesting.
Flickrite steadfastfinancesSo interesting in fact, that I thought it would be fun to create my own graphic of where my paycheck goes.

I work four days a week.  I’ve not taken into account any other amounts of money coming into the household (for example, Big A receives Supplemental Security Income and AJ pays rent and his car payment) but here is where my check goes each month.

I found it an interesting exercise… it’s not exact and to the penny, but the dollars are fairly close.  As you can see I work three days each month (before taxes are removed) to pay for the mortgage, and another three days to pay for the income taxes removed from my check.

I work four days a month for groceries, and actually, I work one day and a half each month for gasoline.  Two days go toward paying for the electricity bill.

For our consumer debt, when I make the smaller payments I’ve been making, two more days of my pay go toward that.  Last year I calculated that Mr. A’s business netted about $9000, so most of the money he brought into the household went directly to the consumer debt.

Three days of my pay goes toward other bills: water and trash, household expenses, my not frugal haircut, our chickens, satellite television, Internet and VOIP phone, and my cell phone.

It is pretty tight, and some days I feel like I’m holding onto the steering wheel of a car that is speeding down the road… anything could happen to spin things out of control.  My vehicle could break down, after all it is now 15 years old and these things happen.  Any number of things could happen and we’d have no choice to use the credit cards.  So I just keep crossing my fingers, and hoping everything can just hold for a little bit longer.

Have you ever worked out exactly how many days it takes for you to spend your paycheck?


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