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I’ve been using Credit Sesame to check my credit score since December 2010.  Credit Sesame derives its information from Experian.

When I first checked my score through Credit Sesame, it was 760.  It now shows my credit score is 761. As I mentioned in my review for Go Free Credit my actual credit score was higher at Experian, but I still like checking through Credit Sesame to see if the number has gone down or up.

My Credit Usage in December was 15% and now I’m down to 8%.   I think this happened because of the credit card that was opened for me by Wells Fargo when I opened my business checking account.  Credit Sesame tells me I have $144,691 in credit available.

Goodness! It’s a good thing I don’t like using credit cards!

Credit SesameHere’s some of what you’ll find at Credit Sesame:

  • Under the Credit Worthiness tab, you’ll see your credit score and your credit usage.
  • Under My Current Debt you will see your Total Loans and Debts, my mortgage is present there, and all my credit cards.
  • They will show you an analysis of your debt with suggestions on how you can improve rates and payments.
  • You’ll see a list of all your monthly payments under Monthly Payments and finally your Debt to Income Ratio.
  • Under My Current Assets they will give an estimated value of your home, and they will show you your home equity.  Our home is currently valued at $75,000 and we have 37% equity.
  • In the My Goals section you can customize your preferences.  Credit Sesame starts you out with one goal: Save Money.  You can choose from several other “goals” like Borrow Money, Credit Card, College Loan, Finance Car, Consumer Loan or Refinance a Home.
  • Credit Sesame will assess your goals as you set them up and suggest how to save money for those goals each month.

How does Credit Sesame make any money for providing this service?   On their about page they disclose that they will receive a small fee if we use their site to apply for and close on a loan, and they assure us that they won’t show us loans for which we are not qualified.

I like how Credit Sesame has all of my credit cards, loans and debts together where I can see it all at a glance, including my credit score.   I like being able to see if my score has risen or dropped without having to pay to see those changes.

What about you, do you use Credit Sesame? Let me know in the comments if you do or don’t, and why.  If you sign up, I’d love to hear what your credit score is!

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3 thoughts on “Sign Up With Credit Sesame Today and Check Out Your Credit Score

  1. This is not about credit, but I think your the blog that I told about “Market on the Move” I think you must live in the east valley of Phoenix area.
    There is now a MOM in Maricopa, AZ at the new Church for the Nations there. Just go online and you can find the address. this location may be lots closer to you than going into Phoenix. Blessings to you.


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    @Linda, thanks for letting us know about the new location. Actually the Mesa one works better for east Valley residents. Maricopa is quite a ways south of Mesa.


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