I Had To Take a Little Break But I’m Back

I had to take a little time off blogging.  Due to our financial situation we had to make a very difficult decision and it messed me up a little bit. I’ve been sad and tired, but I’m sure we did the right thing.

I’d taken my Pathfinder in to have the air conditioning fixed.   No matter how broke we are, I have to have air conditioning in the summer in Arizona. I am simply unwilling to drive one hour each way in the heat, well, in all honesty it has nothing to do with willpower.  It’s pretty much mandatory to have air conditioning in Arizona during the summer.  Last summer I kept driving without air but it was extremely uncomfortable.  The mechanic we use told me it would cost around $250 to find the leak and replace the freon so I took it in two weeks ago.

A few days later they called to say there was an electrical problem.  I still don’t know what the problem was but it took them another week to trace down the problem and then they finally were able to test the compressor and found that it had something wrong with and needed replacement. I don’t doubt it.  It is the original compressor that came with the vehicle so it is at least 15 years old.

That was going to cost $800.  I did not want to go that much farther into debt.

This prompted Mr. A and I t take a serious look at an expense that could be removed from our budget, one which we’ve been talking about removing for a while now.

Our small herd of dairy goats.

I don’t blog about them much, and I put aside $150 a month in one more sinking fund.

When confronted with an $800 repair which was going to raise our credit card debt, or… find someone to take our goats and use the hay fund… it became critically important to make a decision now, instead of later.

Thankfully we know a man who was willing to take them off our hands, and we sold them to him for a song.   That helped a lot because now not only did I have $600 from the hay sinking fund, but some additional money to put toward the monthly bills.

Thankfully Mr. A’s business is beginning to pick up again. Hopefully we will be able to take a company draw in April.

Anyway, that is where I have been.  I’ve been a basket case.  Monday was very difficult, I asked my boss for the day off, and ended up taking the next day as well, and to top it all off I’ve been having a very difficult time sleeping.

I am just a mushy animal lover that needs to suck it up.  We had them for eight years and they were like part of our family, so it feels like someone has died!

I am sure we made the right decision.

And now back to our regularly programmed schedule.

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13 thoughts on “I Had To Take a Little Break But I’m Back

  1. Hey Mrs. A.,
    I’m sorry your situation has been so stressful. It sounds awful but it’s nice to comiserate. Modern Tightwad has taken a back burner and I’m closing my massage office to reduce my overhead. I’m enjoying my new meal plan project, but I keep wishing I could hold everything together better. And I keep wondering what else I could possibly cut. I’m glad to see you back and I hope things continue to stabilize. We did miss your internet voice.


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    @Andi B. @ MealPlanRescue.com, your meal planning site looks very professional! I hope it will flourish for you. I know what you mean about trying to cut out wherever possible!


  2. Awwww! That’s too bad.

    Well, you can’t drive around here without AC. It’s bad for your health, and it’s dangerous — when you’re overheated your temper gets short and you’re likely to make a bad decision on the road.

    So it’s probably for the best. {sigh}


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    @Funny about Money, yes, it will soon be horrid on the drive to and from work and I did not want to deal with it. Thanks, Funny. 🙂


  3. I’m sure that was a very hard decision to make. I am also a “mushy animal person” and each one of my animals is my “fur-baby.” I can’t imagine parting with any of them. I know they are just animals, but…..

    Anyway, it sounds like they went to a good home and now you can get your A/C fixed.

    Just take it all a day at a time.


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    @A.Marie, thanks for the kind words! We have tried really hard to get over this mushiness, considering they are livestock, but it is still hard. They did go to a good home and they will be put to work. The girls will have babies and the boys will get to spend time making babies. The boys are going to be happy, happy guys. 🙂 I understand the man is going to put them in with his female meat goats so they are going to be very happy working. Here they were living on the other side of the fence and never got a chance to “work” so they were always half bonkers with desire. LOL.


  4. Mrs. A, I am so so sorry to hear that you were forced to sell the goats! I know how much you love each and every one of them. Will you be able to at least visit them?

    Love & hugs,


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    @Deborah Collins, thank you for your sweet comment. No actually we won’t be able to visit them. The man who has them now will put them to work and consider them livestock, as they are, and as it should be. He is a business man, a real farmer, not a bleeding heart, and I know if one of them doesn’t produce as expected he or she will end up in the freezer. I expect that to happen, and I would just as soon not know, so it’s better to just let them go completely. I think we made the right decision. Thanks for visiting and commenting!


  5. You did the right thing in regards to the a/c. I hear you in the cost of the repair, I keep taking mine in. ugh.

    I’m a mushy animal lover as well, my heart is sad for you. hang in there!


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    @nancy, thank you for the kind words. I am feeling better about things, but it is still weird to look at their pens and not see them there. I wonder how long it will be until I don’t expect to see them there. Hubby wants to take down the pens as soon as he gets time so maybe that will help. Thanks for visiting and commenting.


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