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J. Money of Budgets are Sexy and Nate St. Pierre of It Starts with Us are the founders of a new project, a new way to make a change in someone’s life – it’s called: Love Drop. Love Drop is a micro-giving network of people banded together and donating to help one person or family each month.  The project officially launched on January 1, 2011 (1/1/11).

You can help with this new project by subscribing as a team member and donating each month.  At the end of the month, J. Money and Nate will deliver the money and needed items to the person or family being helped for that month.

Love Drop is being partnered with by several well known companies: Kona Grill, Groupon,, and several others.

January 2011 Love Drop Recipient, Jill

This month Love Drop is focusing on raising funds for Jill and her children.  Jill has hit on hard times, she and her children were homeless, had to live in a shelter and when they finally got settled into a home they were struck by tragedy again when their home caught fire and burned to the ground.  Jill can use some help and Love Drop is coming to her rescue. Go Love Drop! Here is the first video about Jill’s situation, I’ve been able to embed it here:

Click here to go to YouTube and see Episode 1 which gives some more information on Jill and her children and how they became homeless.

I had the pleasure of meeting J. Money when I visited Washington DC back in August and he is a dynamite young man. He was recently fired from his job and took it very well. He had been planning to take the leap to being self employed and had been saving money, so his being fired just forced him to make the decision earlier than later.  He is now working hard to become a successful entrepreneur. I know he will do it and will be successful in all his ventures!

Join the Love Drop Team and Change the World

It is my great pleasure to become a team member of Love Drop and I would like to challenge you to join the team as well! You can join at several levels: $1, $5, $15 and you’ll become a VIP at $20, $50 and $100.

Today I would like to issue a challenge to my fellow personal finance bloggers and readers of this blog:

I challenge you to become a team member and subscribe at the $5 level.

Five dollars is just a drop in the bucket, and you will hardly notice the effect of giving such a small amount. On the flip side you might say,  “What good is five dollars?”  Well, when 100 people give $5, that’s $500. It all adds up, even the $1 donations.  If you can do meet my $5 challenge with more, please do so and issue your own challenge to your community!

There are many more Jill’s out there. I know the team is currently planning to help only one person or family a month, but I can see this project exploding into help for dozens of families a month. All it takes is a lot of people giving, even if only one dollar a month.

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