How Much Have You Spent At Amazon?

A few weeks ago Mike at Saving Money Today reported that he’s spent a grand total of $2703.59 at Amazon since his first order in August 2000.  I replied to Mike’s post, urging him to use someone’s (hint, hint) affiliate link before shopping at Amazon.  Since then he’s had a few more replies with others sharing (confessing?) how much they’ve spent at Amazon.  That prompted me to take a look… are you ready?

Here we go… I opened my account at Amazon back in 1999 and since then I’ve purchased $3,485.49.

Here’s a quick rundown by the years:

  • 1999 – $58.39
  • 2000 – $145.27
  • 2001 – $19.33
  • 2002 – $20.05
  • 2003 – $0
  • 2004 – $66.30
  • 2005 – $72.87
  • 2006 – $207.80
  • 2007 – $416.84
  • 2008 – $513.60
  • 2009 – $1035.43
  • 2010 – $929.61

In 2008, 2009 and 2010, these figures include a few purchases by Mr. A’s business, so it wasn’t just me frivolously spending.  😉

Okay, your turn.  How much have you spent at Amazon?

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6 thoughts on “How Much Have You Spent At Amazon?

  1. Yikes, I can’t even imagine how much I have spent at Amazon. I probably have everyone beat as I do a lot of my Christmas shopping there, and I just ordered a laptop too. (Using an affiliate link, of course.) I also buy a lot of my kid’s textbooks there too, and shop for out of town birthday presents that can be shipped there for free.

    I am an Amazon junkie.


  2. Hey Mrs A! That’s a lot of spending for you too. Quite a few of my purchases are considered business expenses too so I guess the total isn’t so bad.


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