Did I Get a New Washing Machine or Not?

A couple of weeks ago I was trying to decide whether we should buy a new washing machine, or try to stick with our current machine.

Mr. A and I were having a hard time forking out $400 or more on a washing machine which was working, aside from having a small tub, and oh, that pesky stopping mid-cycle problem which had escalated.

It was stopping mid-cycle with great regularity, right at 17 minutes into the cycle. To keep things moving along, I’d put a timer by the back door set to 17 minutes so I could go bang on the lid and get it started again.

But then it started stopping at random places during the cycle.  Mr. A had a suspicion that his habit of putting the crockpot on the washing machine had somehow warped the metal lid so that the contacts weren’t touching.  Seemed kind of odd to me, since the lid is metal.  Why would it warp from heat?

But he paid no mind to me and checked it out.  He tweaked the lid back into square, and it’s been working great ever since.

Maybe I’ll set up a savings for a new washing machine.

In the meantime, I did also figure out how to calculate the cubic feet of this washing machine’s tub.

I found the instructions at this site: Manage My Life.

And here’s how it works:

Measure the height of the washing machine tub from the bottom to the top.

Now you need to find the distance between the edge of the tub to the center of the circle. This is the radius.

I figured the radius of my washer’s tub was 9 inches, and the height 16 inches.

Formula: Area = pi multiplied by radius squared

Area = 3.1416 x 81 = 254.47 inches

Formula: Volume = Area x height

Volume = 254.47 x 16 = 4071.52

Now you have to find the cubic feet. There are 1738 inches in a cubic foot.

4071.52 divided by 1728 = 2.3562 cubic feet.

If you want to get really persnickety, you can figure the volume of the agitator part and subtract that from the volume of the washing machine tub.

At least now I know the washing machines that I was looking at which were 3.2 cubic feet are approximately one cubic foot larger than my current washing machine.

Yours Truly,

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