Order Your Checks By Mail

Do you still order your checks through your bank? You can save quite a bit of money if you order them yourself.

A friend of mine has been collecting the inserts from the past few Sunday papers and asked if I could help her find the best deal.

First let me say that it would be much easier to just use the inserts from the paper, than try to figure it out on the websites! I mistakenly thought I’d be able to find the same deals online, but that wasn’t how it turned out.

My friend wanted four boxes of one part checks (not duplicates).

I started with Checks Unlimited. When you get to their website 4th box Free by using code “7LR9”. $32.85. According to the website, standard delivery takes 5-9 days. I couldn’t find the shipping information, so I called and was told standard delivery shipping is free. It does not say anywhere on the site. I hate that.
UPDATE #1: Okay, actually the sales representative lied. They charge $10.60 for shipping!!! And shipping time is actually 7-14 days! So now the total comes to $43.45.
UPDATE#2: After I placed the order, I started examining the inserts a little better and come to find out the offer on the insert was $16.50!! I decided to give them a call and see if they could help us out. They were able to cancel the order, and place it all over again. Whew.

Checks in the Mail
First time customers can get $1 off per box using code “SAVE”. Shipping $11.80. $43.76 after coupon. Pretty forthright. I didn’t actually order checks, so hopefully this was really what they would have ended up costing.

The Check Gallery Inc
First time customers, click the button on the front page for the special offer, $0.49 for your 2nd box of checks. Use offer GWE215. $36.80 for four boxes of checks. $10.75 for shipping UPS Basic. And apparently $2.95 handling for each box of checks? So we’re at $59.35? I examined the insert to find it also included the handling fee per box.

Image Checks
Use Code WE213. Image Checks seems to be the same company as Check Gallery, with the same pricing and shipping costs.

Designer Checks
Free Shipping, Free Handling displayed on the entry page of this site only. Use Code JL35 $19.50 for four boxes. Shipping information found by going to Help Desk, then FAQs, then shipping and then it only tells you how long it will take to ship. If you miss that shipping is free on the front page, then you won’t know until you checkout. This great deal only applies if you are a first time customer. This is the company my friend ordered from last time, and the reorder cost comes to $63.05.

For first time customers only, the grand winner is Checks Unlimited. Trust me it will be easier on you if you can locate the Sunday paper insert. You’ll get 4 boxes of one part checks for $16.50.

Designer Checks is a pretty close second, if you have not ordered from them previously, at a cost of $19.50 for one part checks.

Let me guess… you, like me, rarely use checks? I thought so. Well, even I use checks on occasion and since we have no checks with Mr. A’s name on them, I do believe I’ll be looking to see if I can take advantage of one of the two places above for a great deal on checks.

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  1. Some banks and credit unions provide free checks and other perks. If you’ve never compared your bank to the competition, it might be worth looking at your alteratives.


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