Can You Just Run Out and Buy Something on a Whim?

The other day I was thinking about a couple of things I’ve been wanting to buy.   And I realized that living so far away from the big city probably helps to keep my impulse buying to a minimum. Sure I could jump in my car and drive 30 miles to buy what I’m hankering to have, but then I’d be adding gas money to the item not to mention the time spent driving there and back.  It would at this point be a better deal to buy online, say from Amazon as long as the shipping is free, or where the shipping is $2.95 for your entire order no matter how big. Oh excuse me, that does exclude Alaska and Hawaii or if you aren’t in the United States.

I cleaned up my bedroom the weekend before last and I was severe on getting rid of the clutter.  Not severe enough as it turns out.  My closet is still jammed with stuff and there are several boxes at one corner but I made enough room to set up my Total Gym.  At least if it’s set up and ready to be used, if I get a whim to use it I’ll be able to do so.

I’ve also been making the bed every day which I am usually very lazy about. And making my bed has caused me to want a new comforter set. I did a little checking online, and it looks like I can get a nice enough set for around $60 but I know I can do much better if I go to Goodwill on their 50% off day or to Savers.

The other thing I really need is a toolbox. Yes, you read that right.  I am a handy woman extraordinaire and my mom told me today I inherited that from my paternal grandmother who build a porch addition onto her house where she kept her fat Siamese cats.

My hubby has tools but it never fails when I need a hammer, he’s got it with him out on a job.  Darn him!

I need tools because my garden is still being ravaged by some creature, I think it is one of these Round-Tailed Ground Squirrels.  Every time I think I have every little crevice nailed shut, I see that another squash plant has been gnawed on and I find another little entry way.  I’m sick and tired of hammering nails in using hatchets and pipes. I need my own dang hammer!

Round Tail Ground Squirrel by pcoin

This just got me thinking, and wondering if people are typically impulsive enough that they just run to the store for any little thing they want.

When we did live in the big city we were living below poverty level and didn’t have a car and that really does a number on your impulse buying.  I think it was good training for living so far away from the city because I was already in the habit of not buying something on a whim.  This also extends to groceries and meal planning.  If I’m out of one ingredient, I can’t just run down to the corner store because the nearest corner store is 4 miles away!

And then there’s a part of me that says the ratty old comforters we are using now are just fine, and can’t I find a hammer at Savers, too?

Do you run out and buy things impulsively?

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4 thoughts on “Can You Just Run Out and Buy Something on a Whim?

  1. I try to see how long I can get by without the item first-to determine if I really need it. I definately an impulse buyer when it comes to my kids-it is often hard to resist their angelic faces.
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  2. I used to run to the store for some items, if I felt I needed them at that exact moment. I would have gone to the hardware store for the hammer, immediately. I live in a city an nothing is more than a quick minute drive. Luckily, I’m also a bit lazy and hate driving, so I am much more likely to put off going to the store, now more than ever. I just make a list now and re-evaluate it at the end of the week. Many items end up being removed.

    If I were in the middle of a big project that had to get done and something was missing, I’d run to the store but it hasn’t happened in a while. If I lived in the country, I’d probably be better off, I know I’d be more creative and plan my menu better.


  3. I could buy things on a whim like I used to when I was younger, but I don’t anymore. I’d rather think about it to make sure it’s something I really need. Plus, I’m such a minimalist that I don’t get things unless they’re absolutely necessary. And I agree with the lazy comment above. I’m just not that motivated to shop.


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