Friday Finds on Saturday April 17th

Things have been hectic at the Accountability household in the last few weeks.  With everything else I’m responsible for, when tax time comes around I have no spare time for anything so unfortunately reading other blogs had to go by the wayside for a time.

Anyway, I thought I’d put together a Friday Finds today since things have settled down a little bit. Just a wee bit, but enough to squeeze in reading a few other blogs!

How was your week? Did you finish your taxes, or did you end up filing an extension?

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13 thoughts on “Friday Finds on Saturday April 17th

  1. Hi and thanks for the link round up; I always feel like I’m missing out when all the US bloggers are doing taxes…but I probably should be pleased that I don’t have to do them!


  2. Hi Mrs. Accountability,
    Thanks a lot for the mention.
    Sorry about the email as I only managed to get an internet connection today 🙁 Remote workplace is not as glamorous and glorious as the 4HWW claims 🙂


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