Blast from the Past – March 2008

Memory Lane

March 2008, ah the memories… walk with me down memory lane…

On the 1st, I wrote about Paying Off That 14.24% Credit Card, but by the 4th I was embarrassed and humiliated and depressed beyond words since I’d found out that we might have to pay $2000 to the Internal Revenue Service.  This was before we knew about making estimated payments. As it turns out, we ended up having to pay just over $1000.  By the next day I was feeling a lot better and had higher spirits since Mr. A had reminded me we did have some extra money coming in.

On the 7th, I made an update to a balance transfer, produced a monthly report on the 8th and credit card report on the 9th. Our credit card debt in March 2008 increased to $12458.00. On the 14th, I wrote about our zero balance at Chase, and on the 15th wrote about some computer problems I was having in Viruses and Trojans and Spyware, Oh My!

On the 18th Mr. A agreed to start helping out more with our finances, and on the 19th I wrote My Debt is Bigger Than Yours, just an observation how people are sensitive about how much money they owe and when they find out how little comparatively that we owe, they think I have nothing to complain about.

On the 20th I made a post information people how they could Get Their Credit Report, The Old-Fashioned Way and wrote about how I do our Weekly Finance Checkup.

On the 27th I wrote about how not everyone would be getting a stimulus check. And last but not least, I offered a tutorial on How to Set up a Custom Domain with Blogger. Ah, Blogger, the good old days.

Thank you for joining me on this walk down memory lane.

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7 thoughts on “Blast from the Past – March 2008

  1. So do you think you are in a better, or worse position financially one year later?

    Also, 14% interest rate on a credit cards sounds pretty good right about now.


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    My Financial Objectives: Although we are have more debt one year later, I feel we are in a much better position financially. At least we are not going into debt further, and Mr. A’s businesses seem to be thriving so he is bringing money in much more steadily than one year ago. He is starting to get repeat customers and I’m managing his accounting much more smoothly. So all in all, I’d say we’re better off now. Thanks for asking! And all my current credit cards (five) are under 12% so I still think 14% is too high.


    MyFinancialObjectives Reply:

    @Mrs. Accountability,

    Oh wow that’s great, on all fronts! The (five) credit cards, Mr. A’s business, and not continuing into more debt sound great! I only asked because that is what I was looking for in your post:)


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    My Financial Objectives: Thank you for asking! I hadn’t thought to make a comparison between then and now, but I will keep that in mind as I plan to continue with this series each month.

  2. Don’t you just hate it when unforeseen expenses suddenly just pop out of nowhere? I have a monthly budgeted amount of expenses and today my property tax bill arrived in the mail. I knew it was a matter of time, it’s just that I would rather that than a lump sum payment to pay within 30 days or get dinged 6% interest until its paid.


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    The Rat: Yes, I do hate it when expenses appear without my knowing about it. When something like your property tax bill arrives, right then I sit down and figure out how much it’s going to cost next year and start saving 1/12th each month so it WON’T be a surprise next time! If I think it’s going to go up significantly next year, I’ll put away a little extra hoping to cover it. Thanks for visiting and commenting!


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