Monthly Archives: January 2010

Meet Little House from Little House in the Valley

Today Little House from Little House in the Valley and I are exchanging question and answer posts. Little House has a great financial blog with a focus on her love for little houses! After you read her answers here, go over to her site and read my answers. And while you’re at her site, take a look around and subscribe to her blog! How many pairs of shoes do you own? I own about 7 pairs, but I usually wear… Read the rest

Five Year Financial Plan

I was reading over at No More Spending’s site about Laura’s five year plan. Wow. What a concept.  I have never actually written down any kind of plan for my future.   I have a loose idea of what we want to do, obviously paying off our debt would be at the top of the list.  And I have some ideas on what we need to do for Mr. A’s businesses as the extra money becomes available. I think I’ll try… Read the rest

How I Store My Receipts

Yesterday I shared the reasons why I keep my receipts. Now I’d like to share how I store my receipts. I typically save my receipts long past the time I record them.  I used to toss all receipts into a shoebox but in 2008 I began using #10 envelopes to keep the receipts sorted by month. The receipts don’t go into the envelopes, until they have been entered into Quicken. This way when looking for a receipt I can do… Read the rest

My Top 7 Reasons to Save Receipts

  On Sunday my post showed how many receipts I needed to enter into Quicken. Commenter Ken from Money Making Sense shared that he throws his receipts away once he’s entered them into his checkbook.  Kudos to Ken for saving his receipts long enough to record them,  some folks don’t bother keeping them for any length of time. Top 7 reasons why I save my receipts: Don’t want the item – although usually I know within a week or two… Read the rest