Cash System for Groceries – Weeks 7 through 10

Our goal is to have $160 each week for groceries. I got behind on tracking our personal finances after Week 6, but I got caught up this weekend, so here is a rundown for Weeks 7 through 10. Y’all are probably getting sick of hearing about how we did every single solitary week, so after this catchup post I’ll go to a monthly update.

Week 7 : Monday October 19th to Sunday October 25th

Week 7

Week 8 : Monday October 26th to Sunday November 1st

Week 8
Week 8

Week 9 : Monday November 2nd to Sunday November 8th

Week 8
Week 9

Week 10 : Monday November 9th to Sunday November 15th

Week 10
Week 10

In my sixth week update post, I suggested that we sit down and discuss our grocery budget.   We did invest in a “squeeze” load of hay (64 bales) for our dairy goats, which should last six months.

In weeks 7, 8 and 9, we were very much below our goal of $160 for actual groceries, but the money was spent on other things (so no snowball payment).

We’re discussing tweaking the foods we eat as we have some health issues that we think could be addressed by adopting the GAPS diet.  I plan to expound a bit more on that in another post. If we do go ahead with what we are discussing, the cheese, snack and eating out categories should disappear altogether, but we shall see.  As I said, we’re just in the discussion stages now, and will probably start out slow as recommended in the GAPS Guide. I was telling Mr. A, we’re really halfway there… more later.

Here are the earlier posts for the Cash System for Groceries.

  • Trying the Cash Method Again – September 7th. In this post I give a brief rundown of what led to our trying cash method again. We’d tried the cash system in May 2008, but it was a flop.
  • Week 1 Cash System for Groceries – September 15th. In this post I recount the week, and found myself incorporating some frugal moves to stay within budget.
  • Week 2 – September 22nd. We run out of money early and decide to borrow from next week’s grocery money.
  • Week 3 – September 29th. We had less money to work with due to last week’s overspending, but we did it!
  • Week 4 – October 6th. Another good week, even though I buy a $10 loaf of bread.
  • Week 5 – October 13th. Mr. A blows the budget big time, overspending into the next week so that he is left with only $82.
  • Week 6 – October 20th.  We decided to start over with $160 and went over by $6.

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  1. I’m so impressed with your cash system for your groceries. I really need to get inspired here!


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Hi Mommas Soapbox: I am curious what you like best about our cash system? Is it that I have the groceries broke down into separate areas? Thanks for visiting and commenting!


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