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Cash System for Groceries – Weeks 7 through 10

Our goal is to have $160 each week for groceries. I got behind on tracking our personal finances after Week 6, but I got caught up this weekend, so here is a rundown for Weeks 7 through 10. Y’all are probably getting sick of hearing about how we did every single solitary week, so after this catchup post I’ll go to a monthly update. Week 7 : Monday October 19th to Sunday October 25th Week 8 : Monday October 26th… Read the rest

Our Grocery Budget – How It’s Evolved

If you are visiting from the Carnival of Money Stories II hosted at PT Finance, welcome to Out of Debt Again! Thank you Phil for including my post in today’s carnival! When Mr. A and I were married the first time, I was the “money person” much like Blunt Money discusses in a recent post Why is it hard to stick to a budget? I was in charge of the finances, made the grocery shopping list, and did all the… Read the rest

Cash System for Groceries – Week 6

Week 6 : Monday October 13th to Sunday October 18th We are supposed to have $160 each week for groceries.  We overspent last week, so we were supposed to stick to the amount remaining, which was $82. We were unable to do that, and ended up spending $166. Here’s how we did: I didn’t add any new categories to track this week. I suggested to Mr. A that we forego buying groceries this week to catch up, but he did… Read the rest

Cash System for Groceries – Week 5

Week 5 : Monday October 5th to Sunday October 12 We start out each Monday with $160 in cash for groceries. This week was a little funky and Mr. A totally blew the budget due in part to finding a great deal on lunchmeat and had to stock up.  16 ounces of sliced ham, which regularly runs $5.99 a package, and occasionally goes on sale for $2.99, marked down to $1.49.  He had $60 left, but the bill came to… Read the rest