October 2009 Monthly Report

October 2009 Monthly Report
October 2009 Monthly Report

The month of October really got away from me.  Auto expenses were high: I had to buy new tires for my vehicle ($346), and we had to replace the fuel pump in Mr. A’s work truck ($257). Somehow, gasoline was $135.79 lower than it usually is.

Our goal on groceries was $640 for the month, but we went over by $63.56.

Gift giving and clothing were off the charts, but there were two birthdays, my mother and AJ during the month. We might have gone a little overboard on AJ’s presents. After all, your baby only turns 20 once, right? We probably should consider budgeting a certain amount for birthdays.

We did go over our budget by $122.99. Thankfully we had some areas that were zero or under budget, or it would have been a lot worse. I also paid only the minimum on all the credit cards.

I did pay off the Chase card #1 by transferring the debt over to our line of credit.  The interest on the line of credit was 10.2% when I moved it over and on Sunday going through piles of mail I discovered that our base interest rate has been raised on that line of credit to a minimum of 12.5%. Lovely.

Our credit card debt was at $23,979.84 in September. After November interest charges (up to today’s date), and payments made for November, it is at $23,847.48.  It has gone down by $132.36. In spite of going over on our budget, we did not have to charge anything to the credit cards this month.  I am heartened to see that the amount has actually gone down, instead of up.

And that’s where we’re at.  Mr. A’s business has been slow, and the jobs small. That’s okay, something is better than nothing. I am noticing a trend that business is slow in November and December, but usually picks up pretty good in January and February. We shall see if this year is the same as last year.

Yours Truly,

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4 thoughts on “October 2009 Monthly Report

  1. It’s good to see that I’m not the only one who occasionally goes over my budget! I see that your gas is really expensive. Do you live far from where you work?

    thanks for your budget update!


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Hi Little House, yes I’m 48 miles from my job, and our church is also 43 miles away. I’m in to work 3-4 days each week, and twice to church so it really can get expensive for the gasoline. I stopped including Mr. A’s gasoline usage with the personal usage, you would faint if you saw it some months. Check out April 2008 Fuel. Agh.


  2. Even with gas prices relatively “low” (har har!), the cost of a month’s worth of gasoline is just breathtaking. I live in the central city and am already over $80, with many fewer miles to have to drive.

    Awesome job, getting that debt to back off a few bucks even while running over budget.


  3. $240 for gifts for two people is extremely high. Why not a $20 gift card to each? “Only turns 20 once” – yeah, you can say that about everything.


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