Cash System for Groceries Week 4

Week 4 : Monday September 28 to Sunday October 4

We start out each Monday with $160 in cash for groceries.

I’m beginning to wonder if Mr. A is not giving me all the receipts, lol.  It is just amazing to me that we are doing so well on limiting our grocery budget. For this week we spent only $141.06.  Mr. A is out of money, so he did spent the entire $160, just that not all of it went to groceries.   I guess the next thing we should do is snowball the money toward the credit card debt.  But that’s okay, we’re coming in under budget, we’re making progress!  In addition, our sundries category has gone way down.  My goodness, what was going on with the money before?

Here’s how we did:

Groceries Week Four

The $10 loaf of bread was included in the week’s groceries.  I added a new category to track – sales tax.  Note the amount for “Drinks” was inordinately high this month. AJ drinks Fry’s brand sparkling water in the can and Mr. A bought him ten six-packs as a birthday gift.

Here are my other posts on the cash method saga.

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