I Received a Duplicate Shipment from Amazon

I ordered three cookbooks, one for me, one for AJ and one for my boss for a Christmas present from Amazon.com. I was so excited to see they had arrived! Two boxes.  I picked up the one, opened it up and looked inside. Pulled out the plastic bags of air and thought I saw two cookbooks.  I assumed the second box had only one cookbook. So I walked back over and picked it up.  Immediately I knew something was wrong.

The second box weighed just as much as the first box.  What the heck?! I opened the second box, and checked the contents.  Three cookbooks.  Then I checked the first box again. Three cookbooks in there, too.

Whoops!!  I was tempted for one brief moment, to just keep them and not say a word.  After all, Amazon might not know since they only charged me for three books!

But my momma taught me young that honesty is always the best policy, so I went to amazon.com, clicked on the contact button, and submitted a request for them to call me.  They were very prompt, and within a minute I was on the phone with a young woman with a strong foreign accent.  Thankfully Melisa M. was fairly easy to understand, and she said she would issue a return mailing label to my email address.

She also put an $8 promotional gift certificate into my account, I guess as a token for my time, thanks for my honesty.  After all, I will have to box up the cookbooks and mail them back. Thankfully she said I could send them by USPS. This will make it a lot easier for me, as I can mail the books back from my job, instead of having to call UPS, or find a UPS office to take the package.

In about one week, I’ll share with you the cookbooks which I ordered.

What would you have done in my shoes?

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6 thoughts on “I Received a Duplicate Shipment from Amazon

  1. Good job! I agree — honesty is the best policy. And look at that, an easy return AND $8! Yay!


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Kacie, thank you for your response! Did you see I ended up keeping the books after all?! Amazon was even happier when I said just bill me for them. LOL! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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