Carnivals for the week of October 26th, 2009

Carnival of Money Stories II

My post Our Grocery Budget – How It’s Evolved was included at The Carnival of Money Stories II – The Halloween Candy Edition hosted by PT Money.

Some of the posts I liked there:

  • Building Rich Money Habits 101: My personal finance story by Rich Money Habits. Great story!
  • Freefrombroke relates their recent moving experience in Tips I Learned From Our Move. One of the best tips I ever got regarding moving and boxes was from a friend who said raid the trash cans behind liquor stores. The boxes are sturdy, and a good size. Not too small and not too big, and they usually have an abundance.
  • Bible Money Matters tells us to make sure we’re getting the deal we thought we were going to get in this story of how he and his wife rented a car that was supposed to cost $490 and when they took it back, found they were being charged over $1000! Go read it to find out how they fared in the end.
  • Carrie on the Cheap tells us her personal finance story in My Debt History.  This post is part four, the finale, so you might want to start at the beginning. A very good read!

Carnival of Personal Finance

I am so excited to have my post about Mr. A’s insurance policy being retro-terminated included in the very popular Carnival of Personal Finance. This edition was #228, The Halloween Edition hosted at Money Crashers!

Some of the posts I liked there:

Did you enter any carnivals this week?  Want to know what it’s all about?  Check out my blog carnival tutorial: Mrs. Accountability’s What’s a Blog Carnival to learn more!

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