$100 at the Dentist

I finally got to the dentist last Thursday. I had already cancelled three times, and I couldn’t cancel again, so I forced myself to go.

My boss told me the story of why she got all her teeth pulled when she was 24 years old. She says her bottom teeth were beautiful, all straight, white and perfect. It was the top molars that kept getting “rotting from the inside out”.  I think she also said her front teeth had a cavity in between them since she was a teenager and so she had a big filling there.

She was four months pregnant and one day she just decided she was getting her teeth pulled. She went to the “Thrifty Credit Dentist” and he pulled all of the teeth in the right side of her mouth one day, and the left the next day.  Shortly after she left his office she began to hemorrhage.  Luckily she knew a friend that was able to help her stop the bleeding by stuffing a wad of gauze in between her gums and told her to clamp her mouth shut tight.

The dentist didn’t make impressions of her teeth, and handed her a set of teeth to use. They never fit. She said she eventually went to Mexico and they made her a set of “horse” teeth. She said they were so huge she couldn’t even shut her mouth around her teeth.

So after that she went for a solid year with no teeth. She learned to gum everything but carrots, she said.

Her husband finally found a second job that he could take on to get together the $400 needed for her new teeth. After all they had six children at home, the youngest just over a year old, so she couldn’t go out and work a job. Especially since she had no training and didn’t even have a high school education. This was in 1963.

I was having an anxiety attack about my dentist visit, and I have to tell you, the story she told me wasn’t helping. At several points in the story my eyes were filling with tears, it was such a horrible story.

Finally she finished and told me the moral of the story is to go to the dentist and take care of my teeth.

But do you know that it is possible to remineralize your teeth? Did you know that you can heal cavities? Yes, it is possible.  If any dentists know about it, they probably don’t mention it because the dietary changes that must be adopted are significant.

One day I’ll put up a post on the things you need to remineralize your teeth. But for now, I’ll tell you the first thing you need to stop doing is stop using commercial toothpaste of any kind that contains glycerin. This is because the glycerin coats your teeth and prevents your teeth from remineralizing.

Uh, about my title.  I ended up having to pay the dentist $100 to drill and fill a small surface cavity on one of my molars. I was so angry with myself because it was a perfect cavity to try to heal with remineralization.  He told me it was a small cavity and I just laid there and let him drill and fill.  I think my insurance would have paid for amalgam (silver) filling, but I am not putting that into my head any more, and hope to one day have the amalgam fillings removed and replaced with something less toxic.

Mrs. Accountability

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12 thoughts on “$100 at the Dentist

  1. I feel sorry for your boss and what she went through…that is just horrible.

    I was told that ACT mouthwash helps to remineralize so I use it even though it is more expensive.

    I religiously go to the dentist twice a year. Yes it is $30 each time but I rather spend that and catch a small problem before it gets bad.

    Besides, ugly teeth are just, well, ugly.


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Hi – well I can’t seem to find an ingredient list for Act mouthwash. If it contains glycerin, my information indicates that glycerin prevents remineralization of teeth because it coats the teeth so they cannot remineralize. Also, unfortunately, it contains fluoride, which many consider to be a poison. I definitely need to get that remineralizing teeth post written so I can share the information I have found on this topic. Thanks Lulu for visiting and commenting! Mrs. A


  2. Hi there! It is a horrible story especially horse teeth part.why did you choose the amalgam filing? I always pick the white one they do it with laser.


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Chicky!! Hey, how’s it going?! I am sorry I was unclear. I did not get the amalgam filling. The $100 I had to pay was for the white filling. Otherwise, my insurance would have paid for the amalgam and it would probably have been much less than $100 for the tiny filling. Thanks for visiting, great to hear from you! Mrs. A


  3. Tim had to have all his teeth out because of calcium deficiency (inherited, plus all the steroids he took for eczema). It’s pretty scary stuff. And I’ve been amazingly more grateful for my teeth’s relative health since meeting him.

    Nowadays, he’s got dentures. (We went the expensive route, since the cheaper one would have required him to be awake, if numbed, for the removal of over 20 teeth/roots, plus gum planing. Ick.) They fit wonderfully and he’s still enjoying the fact that he can eat things like corn again.

    Still, at some point we will have to get him implants which will be more than $10,000. Otherwise, jaw bone begins to atrophy.

    And it’s crap like everything mentioned above that makes my mind boggle that people willingly get ALL their teeth out. (Apparently one of my great aunts did it. She told my mom they were just too much hassle to care for.)


  4. I’m going to start searching Google for remineralization as soon as I’m done typing this comment. The farm we get our raw dairy from also has a raw toothpaste option (it’s like ginger, raw butter, and clay…sounds gross, right?) but if that’s what it takes, so be it.

    Thanks for the tip!


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    HEY! I didn’t know you drink raw milk! That’s why we have our own goats. The toothpaste doesn’t sound bad at all! Thanks for your comment, Jenni!! Mrs. A


  5. hey you! ofcourse I stop by you are on my list girl! :)I have done alots of traveling, still have debt.Hopefully end of this year I will have some good news 🙂


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Traveling, eh? Keep in touch, Chicky, I miss your blog. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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