My Car Is Sick

It’s been doing this thing where it starts up just fine in the morning, then after I get to work if I have to go anywhere within an hour of arriving, it won’t start.

Mr. A tried to troubleshoot the problem, but was unable. So we caved and had it towed to a shop.

I’d called the alignment shop that I use, and they are very reputable and fair. They recommended a guy down the street.

Unfortunately the guy wouldn’t take the time to listen to what had been going on, and replaced the starter first off. $400.  He said it was burned up when he tested it. Well, that’s possible, I guess. Because we did have to crank it over a lot to get it to start a few times.

But that didn’t fix the problem. He called my husband and told him he could get it to start, but it wouldn’t stay started.  So he wanted to change out the spark plugs next.  Those were replaced not even six months ago. But the guy says the people who did the plugs last put in platinum plugs and you can’t do that with this vehicle. Mr. A told him he knew that was true, because the book says it. Six of the plugs are easy to get to, then the last two are nearly impossible without specialized tools.  So he’s charging us another $114 on top of the starter.

I’m hoping and praying that will be the problem and we won’t have to pay more than $500!!

Mrs. Accountability

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2 thoughts on “My Car Is Sick

  1. Crazy!I hope your car works with no problem for a long time.


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Thankfully I asked the guy to check to see what the codes were for my engine light being on. My Pathfinder is elderly, so most places that can check the engine light don’t have the old connector like is needed to read my code. The guy discovered that the coolant temperature sensor that Mr. A replaced was actually defective, and he says this could have caused the “hard start” we were experiencing. So far so good. I picked it up today after work and drove home, and it started up again after I had driven an hour. Last week it wouldn’t have started for a couple hours or longer. Thanks for stopping by and visiting, Chicky!


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