My $15 Yard Sale Find

It’s getting to be that time of year again at my job – time to get the raffle tickets cut and perforated.  We paid $50 for 1200 sheets to be processed, and this year we’re doing 1500, so the cost went up to $65.  On the way back to work last Thursday, having dropped off the tickets, I drove past a yard sale.  I drove past, but was tempted by a purple vacuum sitting at the end of the driveway.  Sheesh, I was on company time, it’s not like I was shopping for my job! But I decided to take a few minutes to turn around and check it out.  I quickly glanced through the rest of the yard sale, who knows, I might have found something for my job. 😉  As I worked my way up to the front end of the driveway, I asked the home owner about the vacuum. She wanted $15.  Wow, I thought to myself, that seems like a great deal.  I asked her if it worked, and she said it did, and she could show me how it works on the carpet in her garage.

She brought it up to show me.  As we were walking, she explained her husband bought the wrong size belt so it makes a funny noise, and also explained that her daughter bought her a new one for Christmas, so she didn’t need this one anymore.   She also pointed out that one of the brush attachments was missing, as well as the crevice tool. She plugged it in, and vacuumed for about twenty seconds. It was sucking and cleaned up the small area nicely. I decided to take it.

It’s a Hoover Legacy Elite Rewind “Pet Vac”.  Awesome, I just found the owner’s manual at Hoover.  I’ve downloaded the PDF and saved it to my computer’s hard drive. It has some pretty nice features, but doesn’t seem to be available for sale any longer.  Hmmm, Hoover says “On the back of your cleaner, on the sanewvacuumme sticker as the model number, is a manufacturing code (MFG Code) or Serial Number. The last two digits in the code represent the year it was made.” I think on this one the number is P/No, which ends in 04.  It can’t be the other number at the bottom left, which ends in 98.  This machine certainly doesn’t look like an 11 year old machine – it looks shiny and new! I’m going to assume the other number is the correct one, so that makes this machine five years old.  It doesn’t look that old either!

Here are the features listed on the vacuum:

  • 24′ cord reel
  • bagless, EZ-empty dirt cup
  • Pet Hair Cleaning Tool (although I think this is one of the attachments that is missing
  • Air Flow Indicator (this is pretty cool, no more guessing if the vacuum is sucking properly!)
  • Deluxe Stretch hose
  • Wide Path Cleaning
  • 12 amps
  • Lifetime HEPA Filter
  • 7 level adjustments

I love it when I find something I’ve been looking for, at a very good price.


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