Remove Wrinkles – Like Magic!

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This is so awesome!

Here’s the before picture:Here’s the after picture:

Looks a lot better, doesn’t it?

I’m sure you’ve seen those television advertisements about that steam machine that magically removes wrinkles and then there’s a product you can buy that “releases” wrinkles.

This past Tuesday I was running late getting ready for work and my clothes had all been shoved into a basket over the weekend so everything was wrinkled. The shirt I had chosen to wear was actually a t-shirt, and it was all wrinkled. It has these little beads sewn onto it all over so I thought this is going to be impossible to iron. So I thought I’d take my spray bottle and spray it, then toss it into the dryer for a few minutes.

Well, I was amazed when I sprayed it lightly all over, shook it and THE WRINKLES ALL DROPPED OUT!

I thought it was just a fluke so I tried it the next day. This time the fabric was 100% Rayon, a thicker type fabric. This time I showed Mr. A the wrinkled shirt, went into the bedroom and sprayed it, shook it and came back out and showed him. All within the span of about 60 seconds. He was amazed.

So what the heck, I tried it again on Thursday. I tried it with the shirt in the photo above (this shirt is also 100% Rayon but it is a thinner material). This material didn’t work quite as simply as the t-shirt and the second shirt. I had to spray it a bit more and stretch and smooth the wrinkles out, but it still worked good enough that I didn’t have to use electricity with the iron or the dryer, and I didn’t have to use a product that I’d paid for. All I had to do was put some water in a spray bottle! Cheap!

I let the shirts hang while I was showering and by the time I put them on they were just the slightest bit damp. Now in the winter when it’s very cold I probably wouldn’t want to do this, but it will probably be a good solution for me most of the year.

I know the fabrics I was using are okay with having water spritzed onto them – you may not want to use this idea on clothing that is dry clean only.

Try it out and let me know if it works for you!

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5 thoughts on “Remove Wrinkles – Like Magic!

  1. Your timing couldn’t have been any better. I totally forgot to unload the dryer last night. I’ve got a whole load of dark colors all wrinkled up in the dryer. Usually, I’d run the dryer again to de-wrinkle everything but this time I’ll give the spritz a try.



  2. Hi Num – I hope it works like magic like it did for me! I was so excited about my discovery! 🙂 Thanks for visiting and commenting! I love when people comment! Mrs. A


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