My New Love – WordPress 2.7

Wow, I really loved my blog on Blogger. I had plenty of good times figuring out how to make the site look just the way I wanted. But now that I’ve converted to WordPress, I’m here to tell all my fellow Blogspot bloggers that you must find a way to move to WordPress. If you are moderately technical, you will be able to do it successfully. But if you aren’t, or if you are just pressed for time, like me, you could do like I did, and hire Mrs. Micah to do the migration for you.  It really decreased the stress level of migrating my blog, to have someone else do it for me, who was already familiar with the process.

If you have been thinking about making the leap, let me encourage you to take the first step.   You will need to register your own domain name, and pay for web hosting.  Mrs. Micah turned me on to Lunarpages and so far I am very pleased. What I like the most is they use cpanel, which is so user friendly for managing websites.

Lunarpages is having a Winter Special and if you sign up now (I don’t know how long it is going on – but the banner will self update – look on the left side of my blog where you will see the ad to Lunarpages). You can get a free domain name registration and web hosting for $4.95/month (provided you sign up for 12 months of hosting).

I have been making a few changes to the site today, and put up my own images for the header. I only have two up, if you reload you will be able to see both.  I am hoping to get a couple more with some color in them.  Maybe I’ll run out and photograph the only color other than green in my garden, the kale which has bolted.

Welcome the WordPress Love tag.  When you migrate from Blogger over to WordPress, WordPress thinks your “tags” are categories, but there is a neat migration tool included within WordPress to switch your categories to tags, or vice versa. I wanted to use tags, because I love my Tags Cloud (there wasn’t a cloud for categories).

I especially love how easy it is to approve and respond to comments! And I can actually go to my email and reply back to my readers personally! Blogger usually gave me noreply-comment @ blogger dot com which of course went nowhere!

And speaking of email, I can actually be working on a post in WordPress and check my Gmail and not get booted out of my Blogger account. I messed up when I got my Gmail account, I should have done it so it linked with my Blogger blog, but I didn’t. It was also a mess when I was trying to comment on another Blogger blog – if I was already logged into my personal Gmail account, I’d have to log out in order to log back in so I could make a comment as Mrs. Accountability.  Whew! Lovely to be done with that confusion!

I have to run out and feed the goaties now.  And take a look at my garden.  And bring in the tomato babies who have been outside on a field trip all day long.

Love to all,

Mrs. Accountability

P.S. In the interest of full disclosure, I have become a Lunarpages affiliate. If you sign up using my link, I will make a commission.  It’s easy, you can do it, too!

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6 thoughts on “My New Love – WordPress 2.7

  1. I’m so glad you’re liking the new site, and it’s looking great too. 🙂 I love WordPress, after being on Open Diary back in the day, then a few other things, then Xanga, then Blogger, this is completely new and so much more flexible.


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Mrs. Micah, thanks! I am really enjoying it. Thank you for all your help! And THANK YOU for recommending the Atahualpa theme of the ones I was looking into. I love it, love all the options built in. It’s great!


  2. i like wordpress too. I originally started my blog there on the free version (paying for website hosting does not work with my budget). I moved to blogger b/c i could not use the sidebar things for my debt meter on the free version of wordpress and I felt it was necessary on a pf blog. WordPress has more options i think and i love the fact that it tracks visitors right on your page and you don’t have to get something else to do it the way blogger does.


    Mrs. Accountability Reply:

    Debtor: Well, hopefully one day soon be able to afford website hosting. The really cool thing about Lunarpages is you can earn a $65 commission for having people sign up under you. If you signed up under me, I’d earn $65 and then you would only need one person to sign up under you and you’d have your webhosting money all paid for!

    Have you looked into monetizing your blog? I managed to get in with BlogHerAds and am making just a small amount, but more than enough to pay for hosting. About $15 a month. I know not much, but if I would get on the ball and post more, I’m sure it would go up!


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